May 6, 2021

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Maori Party places media ban on Harawira complaint process

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Maori Party president Pem Bird has issued a press release today announcing a complete media ban on all aspects of the disciplinary disputes process saying:

As from this point on, a complete media ban will be strictly observed by the Maori Party including Hone Harawira on all aspects of the disciplinary disputes process until the formal hearing into the complaint has been concluded.

I will be issuing a media statement following the hearing, hopefully by the end of next week. hopes that this move will allow the process to take place without any unwarranted media interference. From what we have seen most of the korero has been taking place in a public forum which cares little about the future of the Maori Party and most about headlines and readership. Tautoko Maori Party, kia kaha, kia manawanui!

1 thought on “Maori Party places media ban on Harawira complaint process

  1. hell is that old piece of bullshit still hitting the fanz ???????

    flavell should be forced to withdraw it and he should be charged with conspiracy to divert the the cause of justice either that or flavell should be shot and hung out to dryout hes a disgrace to the maori party that supports him

    furthermore what about us the real issues and people that suffer while you still try and demean hone harawira????

    just cut off the tail/tale of the fish thats what you and tariana and pita want so just do it and take the consequenches!!!!!!! mauri ora

    meanwhile back in the real world after the past 6yrs of enduring your sham of an obligation to me and the entire maori race that voted for you useless dikheads get outa the toxic beehive buzz around the country and rememeber who you once were be coz we certainly don't like what you re becoming nowadays ….anyway while i'm at it how about asking your boss john key why he don't answer my emails and why is the mystrery surrounding my sons murder in waikeria last month being hushed up and covered up in hope that it will die away like him?????? truth and justice or a mp verses hone is the more important issue at hand and why tariana haven't you and pita answered me either????//? shhshhhh kohuru…kohuru….kohurutanga aue

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