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Maori unemployment rate falls, MP Rahui Katene

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Rahui Katene, MP for Te Tai Tonga
Friday 4 February 2011

The Maori Party is pleased to see that the Maori unemployment rate has fallen from 16.2% in September 2010 to 15.5% in the December quarter.

“Employment is a key driver towards improving the quality of life for our whanau” said Rahui Katene.

“Amongst otherwise grim results, we certainly welcome some movement in the Maori only results for this last quarter. We have been advocating strongly for local people to be locally employed – I have been particularly determined to see Maori engaged in the construction activity so desperately needed in Canterbury”.

“It is, however, very disappointing, that the rate of unemployment for Maori youth aged 15-24 has increased; even if it is just 0.6% – it is still a shift in the wrong direction”.

“Our young people are our future leaders; we must ensure that all efforts are geared towards investing in strategic alliances across central and local government, industry, business and Maori communities to open up employment opportunities”.

“Now is the time to be creative; to support collective business development strategies that will increase economic participation and give our young people a step forward to their future”


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