May 18, 2021

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Peepi-Pod – helping protect your newborn

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Babies need a protected space to sleep during their critical first months.The peepi-podis such a space for more vulnerable babies who need to be close to a parent ANDsafe when they sleep. This beautifully simple innovation is about to emerge onto the ‘baby bed’ stage. It needs some help from you.Ways to help:

  • Sew a cover
  • We need help to make personalised covers for 1000 peepi-pods for New Zealand’s mostvulnerable babies. Click here for patterns and instructions.
  • Sponsor a pod.We also need sponsors.
  • Contribute$NZ40.00 (excl gst) per completepeepi-podpackage and be part of reducing our infant death rates.
  • Click here to find out more or here to see the complete package.

Introducing the peepi-pod

The Peepi-Pod is a brand new concept. It is a sister toWahakura (and new flax option the waikawa). All are safe sleeping spaces for babies more vulnerable to accidental suffocation and sudden infant death.

The Wahakura has been promoted in Maori communities for some time as a solution to the smoking+bedsharing risk. It comes with clear rules of use. Wahakura is a culturally rich concept that means ‘holder of what is precious’. It is hand-woven from harekeke or flax, andbeing hand-crafted, supply is limited. Not all babies who need extra protection have access to the protection of wahakura and its rules.

The Peepi-Pod is alow-cost ‘safe sleep’ option for more vulnerable babies (those who bed share with mothers who smoked in pregnancy). It is expected, in time,to be more readily available, so that all babies have the opportunity for protection during sleep. Peepi means ‘baby’ in Maori and of course a pod protects seeds during a vulnerabletime for a plant. As with Wahakura, the Pepi-Pod does not protect a baby unless the rules of protection are also kept.

3 thoughts on “Peepi-Pod – helping protect your newborn

  1. Hi I have been trying to find and cover pattern for peepi pod, using a 35 litre plastic container for my daughter in Australia. Thanks

  2. how many whenu do you need, the size of the whenu and what is the whakapapa (commencement) for a wahakura and what is the max weight that the wahakura can hold.

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