May 12, 2021

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Stop the beads and blanket approach to Treaty Settlements says FoMA’s Ron Mark

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(Source | Waatea News) The chief executive of the Federation of Maori Authorities says Maori treaty claimants will be asking for a chunk of any state assets the next National Government may want to sell off.

Ron Mark says the business of the state owned power companies that Prime Minister John Key has indicated are on the block is based on land taken from Maori and water rights that are subject to claims.

He says they are the sorts of assets that would put post-settlement iwi on a solid foundation.

The dimmest of us know this. When we start playing monopoly, you buy the railyway stations, you buy the electrical company, you buy the waterworks, you buy the infrastructureand if New Zealand has decided it does not need all those assets and it is going to put them on the market, its understandable that Maori entities that are in the process of negotiating might put their hands up and say excuse me, but the way, we would like those assets to be considered as part of our treaty settlement, Mr Mark says.

He says the Crown has been taking a beads and blanket approach to settlements, but Maori believe they now have a shot at the Crown jewels.

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