May 12, 2021

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Takutai Moana website launched

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A new site, which opposes the proposed legislation has been launched to help keep whanau informed about the current Marine and Coastal Area Bill (Takutai Moana bill) which is presently before Parliament. The site offers a variety of information about the Hikoi to Parliament (which has been postponed) as well as a links to commentary and the online petition.

10 thoughts on “Takutai Moana website launched

  1. Objection to Maori Party voting in support of Marine and Coastal Bill

    Online Petition to Maori Party and Governor General

    We object to the Political Party with in New Zealand Government named "The Maori Party" voting in support of the legislation named "The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill.

    We also object to the Maori Party,s continuation of support to this legislation.

    This legislation violates and breaches Maori Rights embedded in the treaty named "Te Tiriti O Waitangi" and the Declaration named "He Whakaputanga o nga Rangatira o Niu Tireni".

    Therefore, we would like to state Maori Party's vote of support for the Marine and Coastal Area Bill on the 22nd March 2011 DOES NOT represent my support or tautoko.

    We request that the Political Party named the Maori Party cease immediately their continuation of support of the "Marine and Coastal Area(Takutaimoana) Bill, as it continues to violate and breach "Te Tiriti O Waitangi".

    For the asaid reasons given above

    We request that Assent is NOT GIVEN to the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutaimoana) Bill by the Governor General of New Zealand.

    Click on link below to sign the online petition

  2. The reality is that if the Maori Party coninue to ignore the voice of the people they say they represent, then come the next election some of the elected Maori Party M.P will be passing into the pagers of history.
    Whats next?
    Mining and asset selling to Foreign ownership [Foreshore]
    Tautoko te Taku Tai Moana Hikoi

  3. Suspension of website

    During this sad and sensitive time involving the sad loss within Otautahi Ngai Tahu Christchurch.

    In respect of Aitua and Pourintanga – we have decided to reframe and suspend the publication pertaining to our kaupapa within our website

    Ka nui te mihi ki nga whanau nga iwi o Otautahi Ngai Tahu

    Ma te Atua koutou nga whanau katoa o Otautahi Ngai Tahu

    e manaaki e tiaki i nga wa katoa i roto te aroha o te Atua.

    Arohanui nga whanau o Te Hiku.

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