May 12, 2021

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Tamaki Makaurau Kaumatua call on all to prepare to hikoi

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Elders from the National Maori Council have called for another hikoi from Northland to Parliament to oppose the new Marine and Coastal Area Bill.

Kuia and Kaumatua of Tamaki Makaurau present at a Public Meeting held last week expressed their concerns related to the statements that have been made by the Maori Party co-Chairpersons, Dr. Peter Sharples and Tariana Turia.

The Kaumatua and Kuia of Tamaki Makaurau have moved a vote of no confidence in the Maori Party leadership.

Selwyn Muru an esteemed Kaumatua of Ngati Kuri who resides in Tamaki Makaurau said, we were very dissatisfied with the Takutai Moana bill as put out by the Labour Party and we are equally dissatisfied with the bill put out by the National Party,

The Kaumatua went on to say how dare the Maori Party leadership trample the Mana of our Tupuna.

Mr Muru further stated that as a result of this and our immediate concerns for the Mana of Maori we are calling for everyone to prepare to Hikoi (March) against the Takutai Moana Bill.

Networks have been alerted throughout Aotearoa to prepare for a Hikoi to oppose the Takutai Moana Bill.


  • Selwyn Muru Ngati Kuri Kaumatua- 09 360 8635
  • Lillian Howe Kuia o Te Whanau a Apanui – 09 818 9309
  • Ngaire Te Hira Executive NZ Maori Council – Mobile: 021 277 7488

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