May 12, 2021

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Te Karere digi-poll – Maori Party support split

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Maori Party supporters are split down the middle on whether their party’s coalition with the National Government has produced results, a new poll says.

Results came from a Te Karere digi-poll, which surveyed 1002 Maori voters on the general and Maori rolls by telephone between January 6 and 28, and included a question just for Maori Party voters, about a third of all respondents.

Of that group, 48.3 percent thought the coalition had been beneficial while 45.7 percent did not, while a further 6 percent did not know. Other questions were for all Maori voters.

On the new bill to replace the Foreshore and Seabed Act only 23.6 percent backed it, 38.7 percent opposed it and 37.6 percent did not know.

Asked if the Maori Party should support the new bill to become law 30.8 percent said yes, 32 percent said no and 37.2 percent did not know.

In the first tranche of results released yesterday the poll found Maori voters preferred Labour (36.9 percent) over National (16.8 percent), but supported John Key as prime minister (26.8 percent) over Phil Goff (6.4 percent). Support for the Maori Party was 36.2 percent.

Just over half the voters, 50.7 percent, did not think the Government was heading in the right direction, while 39.3 percent said it was.

The margin of error for the poll was 3.1 percent.

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