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Te Manu o Te Waimana – Panui 11 | 9 Feb 2011

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(Source | Tribal Executive Committee)

Tena koutou e noho mai na I o koutou kaainga
Ko te wawata kai te noho pai koutou
Ki o tatau mate haere, haere.
Ko ratau kia ratau, ko tatau ko te hunga ora kia tatau

Well, weve had some trials with the recent flooding. Flooded farms and damage to our roading. Well never mind, there are people worse off. In Australia theyve had flooding on a grand scale, cyclones, and now bushfires. The lucky country, I dont think so.

Our Kaumatua and some of the delegates from our marae went down to Taupo and the Kaingaroa Forest last week. Our thanks to Tamati Kruger for sharing the history pertaining to our lands. We were met at the ferry by Tumu Te Heuheu, the Ariki of Tuwharetoa. And we had a two hour tour on the lake. We also visited Opepe, the site of the tatau pounamu between Tuhoe and Tuwharetoa. A long but enjoyable day. This trip will give people an idea of where the lands are, when they are mentioned.
Kua tata haere a tatau marae ki te reri mo a ratau putea mai I te TET. Nga mea o koutou kaore I oti pai a koutou mahi e hiahia tiaana kia oti, ka mahue koutou ki muri. No reira kia kamakama.

We look forward to our Ahurei in April and seeing our haka and takaro teams.

The Tuhoe Waikaremoana Maori Trust Board has its full Board meeting on Thursday, in Rotorua. The TET has its Board meeting on the 18th Feb.
Kua rahi enei pitopito korero mo naianei.

2 thoughts on “Te Manu o Te Waimana – Panui 11 | 9 Feb 2011

  1. How can viewing the lands for which our ancestors lived, fought and died for, of which we now neither own or have access too, be considered a long but enjoyable day? Where was your empathy for our ancestors' persecution, suffering and eventual desecration? Were you so awestruck by being in the presence of a Tuwharetoa Chief as well as being beguiled by the candy-coated oratory of the Tuhoe Historian that you sold your empathy for a share of the CNI huh?

    Recognise those Kupapa that seek to ply you with bribes in return for your complicity in the acceptance of farcical settlements.

    Com'on Tuhoe – you can't Mana Whenua to money! you can't Tangata Whenua to carbon credits! you can't Whakapapa to timber going to Japan!

    Where it was Apirana that said "He aha te mea nui o te ao? He tangata, he tangata, he tangata.", I counter with "Tuhoe moumou kai, moumou taonga, moumou tangata ki te Po". I suggest the most important thing is not food, nor treasure or even people – it is "he whenua, he whenua, he whenua!"

    "Toitu he whenua, whatungarongaro he tangata"

    Land is the valid commodity of settlement. Anything else is invalid!

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