May 6, 2021

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Te Matatini set to break Guinness World record

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An interactive campaign has rallied thousands of people to participte and break the Guinness World Record for the world’s largest haka at Te Te Matatini o te Ra 2011 Festival, Wai o Hika Estate, Gisborne.

Darrin Apanui, Executive Director of Te Matatini Society Incorporated, the national organisation for M?ori performing arts describes this as a record that will easily be achieved. “The current record is 3264 people performing the haka at once in one location. With over 5,000 people expected to come to Te Matatini o te Ra, I believe we will easily beat the current record.”

Gisborne Mayor Meng Foon, his wife and local Gisborne Police Officer Jamie Hutana will be officiating the event to ensure that all Guinness World Record requirements are met, including the haka being performed for at least five minutes.

People can download the words and actions to the haka from the Te Matatini website and internet traffic indicates that this has been hugely popular.

“Internet and technology has enabled people to download the words and actions to their iphones, MP3’s, through You Tube. The online network has been amazing” said Mr Apanui from Wai o Hika Estate in Gisborne.

The haka attempt will take place on the finals day 20th February at around 12.30pm at the festival in front of the Eastland Community Trust main stage.

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