May 7, 2021

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TPK’s most recent Christchurch Earthquake update #eqnz

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Te Puni Kokiri, the Ministry of Maori Development is seeking to keep whanau updated as the support efforts enter their 6th day. Here is the most recent update:

The hub being established at Wigram is progressing and expected to be operational within the next 48 hours.

Te Arawa contingent of nurses who arrived this morning were deployed to assist elderly and young people.

Volunteers have been deployed to Welfare Centres and key Maori congregations. A number of different teams are out door knocking, with the potential to duplicate resources. Welfare officers/building inspector teams are operating and we should investigate tagging on to them.

Maori Wardens are engaged in door knocking reassurance campaigns and at welfare centres.

Operation Suburb has so far knocked on 4,500-5,000 households, with forms etc for completion..

Aranui requires extensive assistance, this has started arriving. Evacuees have been moved from the indoor stadium centre to other centres which were outside of the Aranui area. It is extremely important for all evacuees to fill in the Red Cross forms, in order to be registered on the database, to receive assistance.

Takahanga Marae is experiencing an influx of whanau who are in transit to whanau in the North Island. Most whanau are from Aranui, many of these people have little or no money, often no ID and little clothing. They are completing Red Cross and Work and Income forms on arrival; Work and Income are assisting on site with cash resources, Te Puni Kokiri is also on site. Some whanau members are very traumatised and require psychosocial support which is being sought.

Some whanau/evacuees may be referred to other marae in the Nelson/Marlborough area and there is a coordination group in place to do that.

Local communications are hampered with Tahu FM being off air, but a plan is being put in place to enable Te Upoko o Te Ika to broadcast on Tahu FMs transmitter to the Christchurch area. This will provide another channel for information pertinent to people in Christchurch to be broadcast from as early as next week.

Update on National Effort

Offers of social service support from around the motu should be channeled through Te Puni Kokiri ([email protected]). Te Puni Kokiri are in constant contact with those on the ground in Christchurch and are matching their needs with service providers.

Next Thursday as many of the Christchurch NGOs as possible will be meeting in Christchurch so as to get a handle on what is required.

The 0800 calling centres are taking a call every 3 seconds. There are 1200 people staffing these lines and the approximate wait time is 12 minutes.

Te Puni Kokiri have developed a Marae coordination schedule, that contains details of Marae that are open and have capacity to accept evacuees. This schedule is being constantly updated.

The Minister of Maori Affairs is going to Christchurch on Monday and will visit the Hub and communities.

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