May 6, 2021

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Tuhoe joins calls to help whanau in Christchurch #eqnz #christchurch

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Ngai Tuhoe and the Tuhoe Establishment Trust is stepping up to assist those hit by the massive 6.3 earthquake which struck near Christchurch on February 22. There are 195 registred Tuhoe living in the Christchurch area.

TPK has established a communications base to relay information to iwi and Maori organisation. This will help greatly in getting in touch with whanau as they enter into the welfare centres. We need people to know that registering with the welfare centres and/or red cross will unlock services and benefits there.

Funds have been credited to Pak N Save Christchurch which means a credit facility to purchase supplies is available, priorities include food, nappies, water and probably panadols, sanitisers etc. Trailers will be driven around distributing parcles to whanau in need.

The TET team at the office continue to check all communication lines, facebook, skype, emails, texts and phone calls for ideas and suggestions.


  • Send us your emails, comments etc, and we will post it in one place ie facebook / website.
  • If you would like to make a financial contribution to the Tuhoe fund please email June Lewis [email protected] or Te Hau [email protected]. The fund will be used to distribute services and benefits to Tuhoe whanui
  • Ask your whanau in Christchurch to contact Rangihau 033596185
  • Or contact us with their needs and we will pass that on to Rangihau

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