May 7, 2021

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580,000 join the 2Degrees whanau

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The chief executive of mobile phone company Two Degrees says the company is on track to move into the black in the next couple of years, which will stop the decline in the Maori shareholding.

The stake held by Te Huarahi Tika Maori spectrum trust’s Hautaki subsidiary has been almost halved to 10.3 percent as other shareholders bring in the cash needed to expand the network.

Eric Hertz says today’s announcement that just over 580,000 people had signed on in the first 19 months shows the company on the right track.

But he says despite some regulatory change there is still not a level market, so many customers still have accounts with more than one company.

We think that probably one in three people are carrying more than one mobile phone. Until the ability to penalize someone for calling (another network) goes away, until you dont worry about who you are calling or what network they are one, until we get that condition in the country I think people are still inclined to carry multiple phones, Mr Hertz says.

1 thought on “580,000 join the 2Degrees whanau

  1. i was one of 2% 1st customers , and have never ceased using this service.2%, has given me more for my money and will certainly stick with them……regardless of multiple phone and network use with some existing customers , this would only remain temporary until 2% provide full net which , in my opinion will be up and running soon if not already up graded….thank you 2% you work around the clock to provide your customers with value for money , great online help team , and ongoing improvements , to best serve , we , your loyal customers..

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