May 12, 2021

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Does Hone really care about NZ? | Morgan Godfery – Maui Street Blog

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Hone Harawira is appearing more sensible by the day:

(Hone) says rather than considering environmental issues, the Maori Party believes mining is ok if iwi want to mine.

We need to put that aside and say is mining in the best interests of the people of New Zealand. When they talk about the iwi, the Maori Party just talk about the iwi leaders but the iwi leaders are not actually the iwi, and iwi are very rarely consulted and you will find in most cases where an iwi are actually consulted in terms of the people who live there, they are 90 percent opposed to such activity,

We need to put that aside and say is mining in the best interests of the people of New Zealand. This quote represents a big shift in Hones thinking. Previously, Hone focussed exclusively on what was best for Maori, however following the Maori Party split he has adopted a broader approach. In my opinion a focus on the interests of all of New Zealand, as opposed to just Maori, represents a certain maturity. It is also a signal that Hone realises a new party is only viable if he takes a broader approach incorporating the interests of the country as a whole. Therefore, I think this quote lends further credence to my prediction that Hone will form a left wing party as opposed to an alternative Maori Party.

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