May 13, 2021

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Facebook helps whanau join in 2 minutes of silence for Christchurch earthquake victims #eqnz

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Aotearoa New Zealand will come to a halt to day at 12.51pm to observe two-minutes silence for Otutahi | Christchurch earthquake victims – to reflect and remember those who have been lost and those still suffering the devestating effects the the earthquake exactly “one week after the 6.3 magnitude quake convulsed the country’s second-largest city”.

With the official death toll at 154 and expected to rise to more than 200, Prime Minister John Key said there were legitimate questions about why so many office blocks collapsed when the tremor hit supposedly “quake-proof” Christchurch last week.

A Facebook page has been set up to help remind those of the 2 minutes silence for Christchurch with over 166,000 people attending up from 93,000 yesterday. Social networking sites like twitter and Facebook have been invaluable for those seeking support of all kinds, including finding accommodation, loved ones and general support both for people in the city and those from afar.

Another interesting initiative is the “Just tell us your OK” page which created via Facebook to let friends seek out people in Christchurch they were worried about by simply asking them to attend the event, the request get automatically sent asking to attended, but clicking yes, they are then considered OK.

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