May 19, 2021

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Free at last, free at last by MP Hone Harawira

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Free at last, free at last

Thank God almighty, Im free at last

Yeah I know – Im pinching a line from Martin Luther King, but no other line best describes how Im feeling at the moment.

So what does being an independent mean?

Our friends at said Whats happening in the north may be the most significant shift in Maori parliamentary politics ever. Tai Tokerau staying with the Maori Party is no longer an option, but imagine an independently elected Tai Tokerau MP, operating under a Maori decision-making framework approved by the people, no longer forced to tow a party line, no longer dominated by national policy agendas and political deals, and making decisions based on the needs and aspirations of the north. How cool would that be?

Right now though, being independent means I get booted out of my flash office and consigned to a broom closet in Siberia, and shifted out of my current seat in the house up to somewhere in the back where theres no oxygen and the cameras cant pick you up.

On a positive note though, being independent means I am no longer constrained by a party that got a bit lost at the first sniff of power, Im no longer shackled to dull, boring policies written by bureaucrats to please the Nats rather than promote the hopes and aspirations of our people, and I no longer have to accept crumbs and the continued theft of the foreshore and seabed as the price of coalition.

And more importantly, being independent means that I am free –

Free to speak out against government policies that focus on the rich get richer while the poor get shafted and the lives of ordinary Kiwis get destroyed in the process;

Free to develop the argument that what is good for Maori is good for the country and that spending real money on getting rid of the Maori underclass, makes good economic and political sense for everyone;

Free to highlight the state of inequality that Maori people face in their homeland, to propose new ways of dealing with those issues and to work with any other MP or political party that is courageous enough to say why not;

Free to speak of bold new ideas, to develop the political will to grow those ideas, and to help define the goals, the teams and the structures required to turn those ideas into a genuine reality rather than the jaded, faded bureaucratic washouts that government departments thrive on and ordinary people hate;

Free to travel the north to build on the support that the people have always given me to raise the issues as openly and as honestly as I can;

Free to road-test those messages in a national tour over the next few weeks;

And free to talk to all the well-meaning people, Maori, Pasifika, Pakeha and others as well who have given me truckloads of support over the past few weeks about what it is they want to see in parliament.

And you know what? All that non-Maori support has been quite a surprise to me.

You see – I know that my commitment to Maori rights means I have a solid support base with Maori all round the country, but particularly in the north, and that support has been boosted over the past few weeks with thousands of emails, calls, facebook messages, and handshakes and comments for me to stay strong and dont give in to those bast**ds bro

But it seems that my opposition to GST, the sale of NZ lands, and privatisation has drawn a lot of support from non-Maori as well:

Hone represents the kind of independent voice that our MPs have lost. That loss has reduced the vigour of political debate in NZ, and we are worse off for it.

Though I am not Maori, I have a great deal of respect for what you do and the beliefs you hold. If you had your own party, I would consider voting for you. Stick to what you hold true. Few people in parliament can claim that level of integrity.

Im an immigrant who has lived in NZ for 30 years. I admire your courage and wish you the strength to continue your efforts to improve the wellbeing of your people. I wish I could contribute more.

17 thoughts on “Free at last, free at last by MP Hone Harawira

  1. Ringatu Heathen?????? You accuse my father and my grandmother of poaching, yet you can't even use your real name! At least they stand front on to wield their staunch sword, You're a backdoor Brother if I ever I saw one. As for his plight????? Do you even know what that is???? Smokefree Aotearoa, Foreshore & Seabed HIKOI! When was the last worthy thing you ever did FOR YOUR PEOPLE that deserved recognition? Finally in case you don't know Dad is an excellent Orator, writer / researcher. He does his own korero, but he also quotes strong Indigenous Freedom Fighters who encourage him every single day! It's called "INSPIRATION"….maybe once you have enough money to buy a clue, you might want to invest in a thesaurus and dictionary, so you can look these BIG words up!

  2. "Free at last, free at last" How typical Hone you should poach a line from the GREAT Martin Luther King because you cant come up with your own.
    And your plight doesnt even compare to his little toe.
    Youre a con artist just like your mother and I aint buying it!

  3. ~ Our Journey~
    Let your talents unite and raise you up from ~ all the depths of all Confusion
    up through ~ all the Wonderful realms of all humanity
    up to ~ the Divine heights of Clarity
    and so ~ not just see the Creation of Life but rather ~
    know the Life of Creation in all its Grandeur ~ Our Being ~
    Unite, Fly high and remember always ~ you are the people
    and the people are you too~

    I wish you all the very best that life, enlightenment, happiness,joy and success can bring, God Bless
    Sharon Marino (Te Aitanga a Hauiti)

  4. Dear Hone, Its a new day indeed.
    I have lived in Australia since 1979. In Australia, its seems the legelative powers have stepped aside for the executive powers. Enforcing Confusion, anger, and no right of replies are rife in the governing departments here at the moment. Please excuse my ignorance, but I sent info to the Maori Party last night thinking you were there as you are still on their website. The maori party had a survey about what should be their priority for 2011. I was really hoping you would get my info. anyway, now that I have found you, I want to share this with you. A spiritual journey I took a number of years ago. After the event, I wanted to describe what I had been through so I asked for the words and from within they came as thus; oops too many lines have to use seperate box.

  5. Ea Hone bro you forgot to wake up to have a vote how sad but who gives a whaak any way Who wants to be a dick head and vote for a bill that you totally appose .Kia kaha e Hone e nui ake o raho i te katoa o nga maori kei roto i te whare miere a te waaaaa..

  6. well i guess everyone is looking forward Hone toward a new party that you put in place that would help bring pride back to all our people in Aotearoa for all our nationalities who are living here or visiting we truly have a beautiful country all we need is a strong leader like Hone and a good back up team to push for changes and lets be positive and push for a fairer system that we could all share in the wealth that this country generates

  7. Na mihi kia koe Hone, I would hope you form a strong team of leader's around the motu to strenghten your stand in Parliament for our Iwi nui tonu, as you say other non Maori are behind your stance for what you stand for and i tend to think if they can be of great addition to form a party big enough to change the way the major parties run their system in favour of their Corporate peers ignoring the voters who put them there.

    People like you who see the needs of Iwi and Nzer,s i feel will put you all above the so called MP,s who forget us and do their own ideals we know are not working for the good of all in Aotearoa.

    I have confidence that you can build a good team before the Elections and have many voter's

    Kia Kaha Hone Ma te Matuanui,Te Tama me te Wairua Tapu hei tiaki ia koutou katoa e mahi ana i o mahi nui….Ake Ake…

  8. Look forward to your new party more than anything. Go higher than being an independant Hone. Get bums on seats, in the next elections even. A big ask at such short notice, but hey-a-ha. We have the people all over the motu to srategise a plan to bring it together. Good luck.

  9. I think the maori party should be with the greens. Labour and National have both done maori bashing where it suits them. If the maori party was with the greens they could be the kaitiaki of Aotearoa in Parliament, pushing for an Aotearoa that has clean rivers, clean air and an economy that works for its people.

    Aotearoa needs maori leadership on environmental issues, and jobs for its rangatahi – National only wants to sell Aotearoa land and assets to foreign companies – be it mining companies, oil companies or any other rich foreign corporations. China and Australia etc want NZ resources.

    The maori party should be standing up to foreign interests that want to do seabed mining and mine maori land and sand.

    Kia Kaha Hone, I wish others in the maori party would be more independent too.

  10. Good luck Hone…I always thought what is good for maori is good for the everyone – i.e maori television and wananga. Stick up for maori "underclass" and you stick up for all other "underclasses" (basically anyone who doesn't benefit when govt raise gst, cut 20 free hours, tax cuts etc etc)

  11. You will be able to do a lot more from where you are now then when you were in the Maori Party Hone. Like 'te pai' I'm not confident with the Maori Party either. They have sold out too much.

  12. Dear Hone, we tangata whenua were guaranteed the right to governance as written in "Te Tiriti o Waitangi". How about a proposal that all Maori seats are guaranteed a seat in government and do not just sit in parliament to do heavily compromising deals to satisfy non-maori parties. Then we can do a haka if we dont like something and not worry about getting kicked out of government a la "maori party seabed foreshore issue" thank you for using maori underclass instead of just maori and keep up the good work

  13. I wish you all the best Hone as I do the Maori Party. I hope they will have a presence in the house following the next election. I am sure whatever direction you take you will be well supported, I wish I could be as confident with the Maori party.

  14. Another pakeha* that agrees the welfare of Maori is strongly linked to the welfare of the country. I've been a bit mystified since the election about why the Maori Party would join forces with National. I'd as soon expect the Greens to. When have National ever had the best interests of those who've been hard done by at heart?

    *I'm not European – have no connection to the place at all – and "New Zealander" just serves to mask the privileged position I hold in this country solely due to my skin colour.

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