May 12, 2021

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Google recognises the quality of by adding sitelinks

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The website continues to grow in popularity and a sure sign of this is the recent inclusion of sitelinks when searching for in Google’s search engine.

So what are sitelinks? According to Google, sitelinks are used to help users navigate your site. They are basically created automatically from the Google algorithm and provides a shortcut to the information that people search for most often. tells us “just like everything with Google, there is a great deal of mystery surrounding sitelinks. No one really knows what it is based on or how to achieve it. ”

So the the problem has always been how to get sitelinks and from what experts are saying when you do get them, it’s a “sure sign of Google starting to love your site”.

Ultimately it suggests that Google has begun to recognise the quality of’s content in terms of online Maori News.

“The reality is when you get Google sitelinks, Google is recognizing your blog as an authority and a destination for quality information. If Google puts you in that category than certainly other bloggers and advertisers will follow suit.

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