May 19, 2021

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Homai Te Pakipaki returns

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One of Maori Televisions favourite shows is about to burst back onto our screens, giving New Zealands singing hopefuls their chance in the spotlight and the chance at $10,000.

From March 18, HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI will once again be broadcasting live from Maori Televisions Newmarket studios every Friday night at 8.30pm. The karaoke shows producer, Erina Tamepo, hopes to see the verandah full to busting with keen and eager contestants as soon as auditions start at 4.30pm that day.

From that moment its all go as we screen the wannabe contestants and select the ten or so wholl go on to perform live on air, says Erina. Its always an amazing experience as 90% of the kaiwaiata (singers) have never been in a studio before, so there are usually some emotional moments for them and for us! Unlike many other television singing shows, most of our kaiwaiata arent here because they want to be stars; they just really love singing and dream of singing in front of an audience. Our show is unsanitised, spontaneous and fun.

Again, unlike many other similar shows, contestants on HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI have no rehearsal, no coaching, no choreography and only a little prep. After being selected to sing, theyre through to make-up and in front of the cameras, where its up to them to show the text voting audience at home what theyve got.

The 2011 season sees the return of hosts Matai Smith (Rongowhakaata, Ngai Tamanuhiri, Ng?ti Kahungungu) and Te Hamua N?kora (Te Tai R?whiti), who have both seen a wide range of talent in their time on the show.

One of the reasons HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI has been so successful is that you dont necessarily have to be a fantastic singer to get on air, although weve had some phenomenal singers on, says Matai. Theres so much aroha emanating from our audience that as long as you do your best, thats all that matters. I love that HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI is so raw and so real. Its not fabricated and slick its all about the talent.

As in previous years, the winner of each of the 20 heats receives $1000 and the chance to compete for prizes in the two semi finals, then $10,000 in the grand final, scheduled for August 26.

The auditions are open to anyone and wh?nau come from far and wide to sing their hearts out on HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI, and its not unusual to see familiar faces turning up.

HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI has quickly become an institution in our nation, one I am extremely proud to be a part of. To be back to co-host the 2011 season of Homai, for me, is both a privilege and an honour. I absolutely love the job and am committed to bringing my own flavour to help with the uniqueness of Aotearoas favourite entertainment show says Te Hamua.

For information on how to enter, visit the HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI page on Maori Televisions website

HOMAI TE PAKIPAKI runs from Friday 18 March until 26 August 2011.

2 thoughts on “Homai Te Pakipaki returns

  1. Kiaora Te Hamua cheer mean Brother love your spirit always, and we all apreciate the flavour and uniqueness you bring to Homai te Pakipaki you are truly an inspiration to aotearoa and one funny fella, I am sooo looking forward to the Paki hopefuls of 2011 it just keeps getting better man and i know that theres still so many under covers who will come out to shine this year….Bring on 2011….Paki Up!!!

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