May 10, 2021

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Inspiring young Maori to take science to higher level

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A new music video that aims to inspire young Mori to take up further education was filmed at the Universitys Albany campus.

Released on YouTube last night, Icky Sticky is the second video single recorded by J Geek and the Geeks.

Last years Mori Boy has enjoyed phenomenal popularity, thanks to its spread on social media, with more than 400,000 views and 3600 comments on YouTube.

Reference to Massey in the lyrics group leader Jermaine Leef is a former student led to a meeting between University marketing director Sarah Vining and the group last month and a commitment to work together. As a result the group is planning to perform at one or more graduation ceremonies in Takapuna next month.

Mr Leef (Ng Puhi, Ngti Kahungunu and Rongomaiwahine) says the focus of the new song is on changing perceptions about Mori and young people. We want to promote an image of Mori people as being fit, healthy and educated, he says. Our vision is to evolve Moridom into a metropolitan context, using fashion, music, culture and education.

His love of science stems from Kapiti College, Paraparaumu, where he was head student. Mori are under-represented in sciences, only 4 per cent of Mori at university are studying sciences. I am trying different things, in different ways, creating things that have never been seen before.

Icky Sticky includes footage from the library, a lecture theatre, science lab, test tubes and chemicals.

Ms Vining says she likes the Geeks focus on academic achievement for Mori and young people. Massey has the highest number of Mori studying at any University about 3000 a year and we have developed specific programmes to support students to achieve excellence.

Vice-Chancellor Steve Maharey says he is delighted that Mr Leef, a Masssey student, and his group chose the Albany campus as a venue to promote continuing education.

We want to encourage more school leavers, under 25s, particularly Mori and Pasifika young people, to study with us, Mr Maharey says. Im sure the music video will reach that audience in a way that resonates with them.

The clip had more than 4000 hits yesterday and now has over 13,600!

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