May 7, 2021

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Katene says sensible sentencing group must allow for redemption

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The Maori Party wants the Sensible Sentencing Trust to give people the chance to redeem themselves.

We welcome a forgiving community where people have a chance to move on, said Maori Party MP Rahui Katene who was disappointed to hear the trusts call for Reverend Maurice Gray to stop carrying out his cultural duties as a kaumatua for Ngai Tahu.

The trust appears to have a selective approach to which people they enable to have a second chance. One of the trusts leaders, Garth McVicar, knew about the fraud that former MP David Garrett committed, but he swept it under the carpet.

Restorative justice is not about picking winners and losers. Reverend Gray deserves the same social justice that the trust were prepared to give the former MP.

I am not defending Reverend Grays wrongdoing but am only trying to highlight the need for all of us to give redemption and walk our talk.

Mrs Katene, whose electorate included Ngai Tahus tribal area, said only the tribe could challenge Reverend Grays ability as a kaumatua.

Only a tribe can give a person such duties and only a tribe can take them away not the police, not the trust or any other group.


Media contact: Ammon Katene 021 0217 0222

1 thought on “Katene says sensible sentencing group must allow for redemption

  1. So true, I tautoko this 100% sending a teenage girl to jail for a year, just for taking a snickers bar is just pathetic. Where's the sensibility in that sentence?? There are people out there defrauding others out of their life savings and all they get is a slap on the rist, and still walk our streets looking for the next con. If anything, the jail sentence on that poor kotiro for a stupid chocolate bar, has just ruined her life because now she is under the influence of real hardened criminals while in prison.

    Well done Maori party.. keep tackling the real issues, that are affecting our people on an everyday basis.

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