May 18, 2021

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Letter to the Editor | Hallelujah we are nuclear free!

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During David Langes 1987 Labour led government,The People of Aotearoa spoke, we had a Prime Minister whoheard themand hallelujah we are nuclear free.

Labour led governments which followedfought hard to uphold this for the protection of the people,Rt Hon Helen Clark during her 9 year term asPrime Minister was always very proud to uphold this,Right On Helen, Right On, hallelujah

Presently, of utmost concern is,with the National Government selling our land to overseas investors then who knows what they’ll put on the land? It could be a nuclear power plant on the Canterbury plains? or a Military base anywhere in New Zealand thenew owners choose, harbouring nuclear weapons, weapons of mass destruction. You cannot and should never sellour land, the land that sustains life, gives life and keeps us safe, New Zealand has spoken!

Gail Lees

1 thought on “Letter to the Editor | Hallelujah we are nuclear free!

  1. Though a noble sentiment , our No Nukes Legislation is being slowly dismantled by John Key with the support of the Maori Party. Our Country may be nuclear free in our hearts, but this Government is doing all that it can to turn the tide!
    Maori nuclear serviceman and their Whanau continue their class action against the British MoD, as our Govt. continues to deny these brave men their legal rights of recourse and redress as stated in NZ Nuclear legislation. New Zealand continues to support the use and manufacture of DU derived weapons, as Key allows ship loads of Yellowcake to clog our ports on their way to the US, where it is turned into WMD! Nuclear free NZ yes, but wake up and smell the uranium on John Key's breath!

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