May 14, 2021

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Letter to the Editor | Submitted with pride and pleasure to Te Maori News, Kia Kaha :)

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Sometimes Rangi and Papa

Are so upset

Papatuanuku has risen up

and we cry

there will be peace again

until then

we must,


hold each other and remember

the buildings have crumbled

people have passed on

so muchmamae and roimata

Look to Ranginui who holds our hopes high

Your mountain of strength, Your river to replenish

Papatuanuku will soon be calm again

for all Ru Whenua

Mighty Totara still stands

Tall and proud

Embrace our Aotearoa

None more so than the beautiful Tangata Whenua

When Papas sad and so upset she does rumble

when her heart is hurting she’s shaken to the core

and shouts, respect Mother Earth

if she can’t be heard then she’ll shake, shake violently

she didn’t want to bring devastation this is not her

Mother Earth nourishes, protects and gives mana

She embraces and nurtures

Her sons and daughters

With such aroha

just her sadness and hurt makes her speak loudly,

anger is not what makes papa breathe

but utter sadness can make her rumble and sometimes explode

Lets not hear a foreign dirge

Lets hear our waiata

Calling us back

To Mother Earth

Your river to replenish

Your mountain of strength


On the breast

Of Mother Nature

You never walk alone on Papatuanuku

Your loved ones

Past and present

Are with you

And Ranginui

Covers and warms with the kowhai sun

quenches our thirst when shedding tears for papa

For everyone

Who loves and respects

His papa

His eternal love x

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