May 10, 2021

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Maori Party “divorce” acrimony emerges

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(Waatea News) The agreement between newly-independent MP Hone Harawira and the Maori Party not to attack each other seems well and truly over.

Party co-leader Tariana Turia has labelled the Tai Tokerau MP an embarrassment for missing the second reading vote on the Marine and Coastal Area Bill.

That followed Mr Harawira calling his former colleagues lapdogs of National for supporting bill when the overwhelming number of submissions from Maori opposed it.

You’ve got to ask yourselves why are they are still supporting it and it just seems that the ministers in my view are so locked to the relationship with National that they will now vote with National on just about anything regardless of what Maori people are saying, he says.

Mr Harawira says the party has reneged on a deal to leave him in decent offices, and has relegated him to the part of the old Parliament buildings known as Siberia.

In addition it has surfaced that a member from the Maori Party caucus requested that Mr Harawira be taken off the Maori Affairs Select committee, but because his appointment was approved by Parliament and because he was no longer a member of the Maori Party the request was denied.

2 thoughts on “Maori Party “divorce” acrimony emerges

  1. Embarrassment Aye???…Who U Maori Party???…or Hone??? >:/
    Bluddy Circus if U ask Me!!! 🙁 Need to Get yor Acts together…Farrr Out!!! >:/
    National Party Sitting Back having a Good Laugh at U2 Squabbling…
    over who iz RIGHT…or Who iz Wrong???…Sux seeing all that in the MEDIA 🙁
    How about Finding sum MUTUAL GROUND to Start with…Maori Pple 🙂

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