May 18, 2021

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Ngapuhi leader calls hikoi an “embarrassment”

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Ngapuhi leader and commentator David Rankin has labelled the Foreshore Hikoi due to arrive at Parliament on Tuesday as an embarrassment, and has urged its leaders to call the protest off.

“These marchers will have no impact on the passage of the Marine and Coastal Area Bill in Parliament”, he says, “and if they think otherwise, they are delusional”.

“But sores still”, says Mr Rankin, “this protest is taking place when our nation is in a period of great difficulty. Instead of wandering around the country to satisfy their own egos, these protestors should be in Christchurch, investing that energy in helping their fellow New Zealanders”.

Mr Rankin, who chairs the Hone Heke Foundation, also points to the low turnout for the hikoi. “They have not even been able to get a hundred people together for the march. To most sensible people, this would be a good reason to cal the whole thing off, but these protestors are not normal, and they are bringing shame to Maori.

Hone Harawira has come in for particular criticism by Mr Rankin. “Hone agitated this hikoi into action, and as soon as it started to look like a failure, he backed away from it. At last he has shown his true colours as a political opportunist with appalling judgment”.

“The Marine and Coastal Area Bill will become law by the end of this week”, says Mr Rankin, ” and gradually, the marchers on this hikoi and their sometime leader, Mr Harawira, will be forgotten by the electorate”.

4 thoughts on “Ngapuhi leader calls hikoi an “embarrassment”

  1. Well David Rankin…you lost my interest on the first line of your korero. I reckon thats half the problem with Maoridom the same stale speakers are doing the korero in the public eye! Bring in the new young chiefs and chieftians. The white racist media just loves this game play patterning!! Where are the WORDS IN SEASON from leadership in season?

  2. David, you have so much to give and yet you choose to create a name for yourself as "ngapuhi leader' so that the media can draw from your ignorance and from how you slander your people. Well thats just great.! You can give yourelf a pat on the back for your great success. Maori vs Maori . Open your eyes to the underlying factors that continue to impact on our people whether they are in Christchurch or protesting against the bill. At least Hone Harawira says it as it is and gets in on the ground work. He could have stayed in the Maori Party and went along with the so called normal …. shit in parliament, but he didnt. When the bill goes ahead how easy it is to just give up aye David. Stop putting our people down and go back to your hometown to korero 'kanohi ki te kanohi' ind out what your hometown needs if you care and where it is you stand there.

  3. david rankin should use his family chopping skills and go and cut some firewood for his kuia and kaumatua for this winter and make a great change in his and their lives.

    You know what david rankin? 10% of men get all the girls!, (and sadly,like you!) the rest get their asses kicked in. They do not have a fricken clue what the hell is going on (they are the GIRLIE MEN) bangin the crap out of their heads (oh, yeh, and getting it banged out by their leaderless bitch) repeatedly because they do not know the truth. They are failures!
    Davi rankin is the worst sort of GIRLIE MAN.
    ^Abuse of position david rankin!
    You Insult our Tupuna HONE HEKE, HONGI HIKA and many more GREAT Tupuna! You have no WAIRUA! No MANA! You have given the public notice, that you are in fact david rankin the GI GIRLIE MAN ;/(
    Someone had to drive this message home in the language david rankin excels in GIRLIEMANrerorero…and ah YES, a very sad case

  4. The days when New Zealanders stayed at home ashamed to voice their emotions are over. I am more embarrassed about the outdated views of a so-called Ngapuhi leader who should understand the feelings of loss experienced by his people regarding the foreshore and seabed. The tragedy experienced by New Zealand due to the Christchurch earthquake is no reason to give up fighting for what we believe in. Using this disaster as an excuse to put people down is offensive not only to the protestors but to everybody who has suffered due to the quake. Who is Mr Rankin to tell people they are 'not normal'? Who are we to blame but ourselves when there is nothing left for our children? There is nothing to be ashamed about except shame itself which is just another word for fear. Instead of letting ourselves be paralysed with fear, defeatist sentiment and dogma, we need to embrace change and become the leaders of our own destiny. How many protestors did it take to fell the flagpole?

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