May 10, 2021

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Tawera Scholarship – for Maori completing a Bus/Mgmt/Comm Bachelors

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Te Putea Whakatupu Trust, in partnership Maori Education Trust, is pleased to announce the launch of a new scholarship The Tawera Scholarship: Maori Business and Management Bachelor Scholarships to provide support to up to 30 Maori enrolled in a business, commerce, or management degree at bachelor level.

This scholarship is the result of an exciting new partnership between Te Putea Whakatupu Trust and Maori Education Trust who are 50:50 joint funders.

The Tawera Scholarship is designed to help address Te Putea Whakatupu Trusts strategic focus of lifting the level of Maori participation in middle and senior management capability in a range of industries, including fisheries.

Preference will be given to those students who: are in their last year or second to last year of study towards their bachelor degree; demonstrate a commitment to tikanga Maori and te reo Maori; demonstrate a commitment to Maori, iwi, and hapu economic development; have proven academic merit and; are interested in building personal skills and expertise to support Maori/iwi economic and social development.

Te Putea Whakatupu Trust is concerned to ensure the potential of the Post Treaty Settlement Era is maximised by leveraging capacity and capability building to support greater Maori control and involvement in decision making in Maori industry futures.

Key characteristics of applicants sought include:

  • Te Ao Maori me te Ao Pakeha: Recipients will be capable, comfortable and skilled to walk in both worlds.
  • Nga kawa me nga tikanga M?ori: Recipients will be confident in their identity, language and culture.
  • Whanaungatanga: Recipients will be well grounded amongst their people and committed to supporting their development.

It is envisaged that the recipients of this scholarship will be committed to the future economic and social development of Maori, iwi, hapu and whanau.

The celestial being, Tawera (Venus as the morning star), was a primary star used for celestial navigation by the first voyagers from Hawaiiki to Aotearoa. Similarly, it is hoped this scholarship will help guide our rangatahi developing their Maori business and industry skills back to a role in Maori industries and Maori economic development with whanau, hapu and iwi. Tawera is also the brightest celestial being in the night sky after the moon. Similarly, we hope our scholarship recipients will shine brightly as stars in the future success of Maori in middle and senior management of our key Maori entities.

As well as the $10,000 scholarship, recipients will attend the Charting Maori Industry Futures Conference Nga Whetu Hei Whai in Rotorua, July 3-5, 2011, where they will meet Maori and iwi industry leaders and get a sense of their potential role in supporting Maori industry futures.

Application forms can be downloaded from the Te Putea Whakatupu Trust website ( or the Maori Education Trust website (

  • If applicants have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us on
  • (04) 499 8041 or at [email protected]

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