May 9, 2021

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Te Manu o Te Waimana panui 12 now available

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(Source |Te Mana o Te Waimana) Nga mihi ake ki te kuia nei ia Pakawe. He kuia pakeke tenei no to tatau awa. No reira, haere, haere, haere.

Our thoughts and minds go out to the whanau that live in Christchurch. We have endured flooding here, with no loss of life. TET is liaisoning with Te Rangihau Te Moana, who is one of the trustees on Te Kotahi A Tuhoe and some monies have been forwarded to assist.

The month of March will be taken up with the presentation of the Blueprint for the formation of the new Tuhoe Authority. You will not see much of me as I will be away a lot on the roadshow presenting to Tuhoe across Aotearoa. On March 19, we have the presentation from TET at Tuapo Marae. Your responses over the last two years has been collated and analyzed, and is being presented to you for your critiquing and comment.

We look forward to the Whare Hoouu elections post July.

Ive urged our Marae to fulfil the requirements to allow us to access marae distributions from TET. Some marae are lagging.

The TET, Tuhoe Fish and the Tuhoe Waikaremoana Maori Trust Board has been working together to bring us all under the one roof, as is your desire. This makes sense. This presents some political and legal challenges. However, where there is a will, there is a way.

Nga mihi ake kia Gabrielle Turuwhenua and to Mykhael Horopapera, mo o korua huritau. May you have many more.

Ka mutu ake enei pitopito korero mo naianei.

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