May 13, 2021

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The evaluation hikoi: a Maori overview of programme evaluation

1 min read came across this great toolkit which might be of interest to those wishing in the health sector.

The evaluation hikoi: A Maori overview of programme evaluation by Helen Moewaka Barnes and Te Ropu Whariki.

This resource is designed to be used alongside other toolkits to be available on the Whariki Research Group website


This book aims to:

  • Provide the reader with an overview of the issues surrounding public health programme evaluation by and for Maori
  • Give examples of the range of approaches that might be useful
  • Highlight areas that evaluators may need to consider.

There are many different models and frameworks that can be used to guide indigenous researchers. Our approach has been to grapple with what it means, as Maori, to carry out formative, process and impact evaluation. The issues involved are described in this book. They include considerations of ownership, power, how to describe and identify measures and the challenges of maintaining credibility as Maori and as Maori evaluators. We acknowledge that much of this will be familiar to those experienced in programme provision or evaluation.

We will introduce the reader to a range of possible ways of carrying out evaluation, recognising that these are but a few examples illustrating the diversity of Maori approaches. Maori evaluation is a site of ongoing creativity and development.

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