May 19, 2021

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The Inaugural Working with Iwi Conference 2011

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The profiles of different Maori entities are ever increasing as both public and private organisations identify the importance of consulting and engaging meaningfully with Iwi.

Relationship building with honest and open engagement is imperative, as is who you consult with and the approach taken. A Maori, Iwi liaison role is vital in getting this right and has proved to be a significant strategic function within core and emerging industries.

This conference aims to establish itself as the premier networking and professional development event for Maori liaison professionals and managers working closely with communities across a variety of different industry sectors.

Featuring a compelling blend of engaging case studies and interactive practical sessions, topics will explore this unique space by discussing fundamental cultural considerations, processes and strategies for engagement, and industry developments and opportunities for improvement.

This event is a must attend for all Maori/Iwi liaison staff and any manager wishing to meaningfully connect and strengthen their skill set and knowledge base to build strong trusting relationships with Iwi now and into the future.

The Inaugural Working with Iwi Conference 2011


  • Strengthen Cultural Understanding and Integrity
  • Navigate through Complex Frameworks and Processes
  • Evaluate Engagement Platforms and Strategies
  • Identify Future Opportunities and Discuss Industry Developments

Who Will Attend

  • Iwi Liaison Officer
  • Maori Liaison Officer
  • Iwi Policy Manager
  • Iwi Advisor
  • Maori Business Manager
  • Treaty Relations
  • Community / Regional Development
  • Kaawai Rautaki
  • Kaitakawaenga
  • Strategic Relationships
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Government Policy / Program Manager
  • Community Relations

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