May 15, 2021

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Tuhoe update on Otautahi quake assistance

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Although new headlines are now gracing our papers, Maori organisations continue to assist those the in quake zone. This is the most recent update from the Tuhoe Establishment Trust.

  • 24 whanau have now been assisted and financed for evacuation, respite or relocation
  • roughly 300 Tuhoe whanau have been visited personally by the team sent last fortnight
  • Over $54K in donations has been received from iwi orgs, roadshows, individuals, whanau, marae and hapu
  • We are still receiving around 2 3 calls on average per day for assistance
  • Monthly door knocking visits monthly next proposed for 6 11 April

As a result TET now has strong working networks on the ground and are able to offer solid advice to Tuhoe whanau who continue to live and work in Otautahi. If you have any ideas to contribute or are in need of assistance contact TET on 0800 TE KOTAHI.

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