May 12, 2021

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Another court gets back to business (Christchurch Court News)

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Ordinary Christchurch court business is now being done, but in an extraordinary place. The National Marae at Nga Hau e Wha was the venue for a list court today for the first time.

Amid the breathtaking Maori carving and decorations, a district courtroom has been set up and got under way before Judge Phillip Moran at 10am today.

This daily session will be for people who are on bail or summoned to appear at court. People newly arrested and held in custody continue to be dealt with in morning and afternoon sessions at the Rangiora Court House.

People who have been remanded in custody continue to be dealt with at the Christchurch Mens Prison where a judge, prosecutors, defence counsel, and court staff are attending every day.

Other venues are being used for Family Court and civil hearings, Christchurch jury trials are going in Timaru, and it is understood a venue at New Brighton will be opened for Youth Court later this month.

The court at the marae today had the usual list of cases to get through in a busy sitting: drink-drivers, a burglary case, and someone who got angry with his partner and threatened to kill her and a security guard at Northlands shopping mall.

People been told in advance of the sitting at the marae and arrest warrants were being issued for people who did not turn up.

There was also the Nelson case of someone convicted of careless driving for crashing through a road safety sign warning that it was a high crash area. The car was badly damaged but no-one was hurt.

Many thanks to David Clarkson from the Christchurch Court News for this panui.

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