May 9, 2021

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Chiefs of Ontario : Shannens Dream Day of Action: A Positive Message for all First Nations Youth

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April 27th is Shannens Dream Day of Action.

On this day, various events will be held across the country to remember one young girls dream of going to a real school. Shannen Koostachin, of the Attawapiskat First Nation, led a movement for safe and comfy schools and quality, culturally-based, education for First Nations children. This campaign was called the Attawapiskat School Campaign.

Eleven years ago Attawapiskats 400 children saw their school closed due to thousands of gallons of diesel fuel that contaminated the ground under their school. A new school promised nine years ago has yet to be built. The promises continue to pile up alongside government inaction. Sadly, Shannen passed on to the Spirit World, in June of 2010, in a car accident at the age of only fifteen. Although Shannen is gone, her dream and its challenges remain.

The fact that this young persons efforts have inspired a campaign that now spreads across the country, demonstrates just how special she was Ontario Regional Chief Angus Toulouse stated, Our young people deserve the basics of education that all other young people in this country enjoy. Shannen knew this, and worked to fix this deplorable situation.

In Ottawa today, students from Lady Evelyn Alternative School are marching to Parliament Hill to deliver letters to the Prime Minister about inadequate funding for First Nations schools. As well, a video focussing on Shannens Dream and produced by the Treaty 9 First Nations will air this evening during the Assembly of First Nations Town Hall Forum in Toronto, Ontario.

Shannens Dream Day of Action sends a message to all First Nations children that we have not forgotten Shannens vision and will continue her efforts to ensure they have the opportunities they require said Regional Chief Toulouse. The Chiefs of Ontario will continue its advocacy efforts for First Nations education with inspiration from Shannens Dream.

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