May 8, 2021

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Empty rhetoric from Turia | Morgan Godfery | Maui Street Blog

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Ive managed to find five minutes to blog. So much for my hiatus. While skimming through the news I came across some interesting comments from Tariana Turia.

Tariana Turia has always been fairly conservative. Although she is, or at least was, something of a tino rangatiratanga advocate, she was always socially and economically conservative.

Prima facie Whanau Ora is an example of a conservative approach to social services. So it does not surprise me to see her utilising a number of right wing slogans. Consider this:

The Associate Minister of Social Development, Tariana Turia, wants whanau to get more involved in stopping family violence.

Pushing for whanau to take responsibility for family violence is a classic right wing approach. Calls for personal responsibility are, more often than not, a remission of responsibility on the governments part.

Mrs Turia says next month’s Budget will shift $11 million of the $62 million spent on family violence services into five new initiatives.

Remember, there will be no spending increases in the upcoming budget. Budget 2011 will be a money-go-round.

This includes a half million dollars for an E Tu Whanau campaign to encourage whanau to take actions which make their families safer.

I do expect the money to be utilized at the front line where it will make the biggest difference and that is in the homes of families.

Utilising money at the front line is a meaningless statement. A rhetorical sleight of hand. The family violence budget is already stretched; therefore redirecting funding will only increase pressure on the sector. As back office jobs are lost those on the front line must pick up the slack meaning less time for those mystical front line services.

Turia is working over time at the moment. Clearly she realises the Maori Party has ground to regain. However, propaganda of this sort will not sway many voters in my opinion. Turia is showing good judgement, in terms of increasing her presence, but this sort of rhetoric will not do. The Maori Party vote is an electorate vote; therefore a flaxroot effort is the best approach. A strategy focussing on the party vote is misguided given the partys continuing move rightwards. Ultimately, there are few Maori voters on the right. Electorate votes are not given along strictly ideological lines, especially in the Maori electorates, and party positions are, usually, not the overriding concern. The focus should therefore be on working the electorates.

The party will be officially launching their campaign during Matariki this is incredibly symbolic. Fingers crossed they move leftwards.

4 thoughts on “Empty rhetoric from Turia | Morgan Godfery | Maui Street Blog

  1. I agree. It is empty rhetoric from Turia and it won't win her any votes, but unlike Sharples, I don't think she really needs them to keep her seat. The Maori Party as a whole – keeping their integrity? Well that's something entirely different and Turia et al will have to work very hard to get a smidgeon of it back.

  2. Will what have you done about it ? talk about empty copy rhetoric – typical trash talking-easy

    Maori have always been right leaning .- we are brain washed to think otherwise . the writer seems to believe his own social media clap trap.

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