May 9, 2021

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Gates welded shut at Maungatautari (Waatea News)

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A Waikato iwi has made good on its threat to ask the Maori Land Court to preserve public access to the Maungatautari ecological reserve.

Ngati Koroki spokesperson Willie Te Aho says the iwi sought an injunction last week when Maungatautari 4G4 Trust welded shut gates leading to the mountain.

He says while some landowners may be frustrated at the pace of negotiations over compensation for land in the reserve, the trust went too far.

The act that was taken against Maungatautari was aggressive and trapped two people within the maunga and thats why weve got our people in 24-7 guarding that entrance not only to protect the mana of our word to the public and to the Crown but more importantly from a health and safety issue to ensure no one suffers any personal injury, Mr Te Aho says.

There are 20 separate blocks within the fenced reserve.

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