May 18, 2021

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High Ranking Judge to visit Murupara

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Youth Service providers in the Murupara Community are preparing themselves for the arrival of a High Ranking Judge, Andrew Becroft on Tuesday April 19 2011.

Judge Becroft currently serves as the Principal Youth Court Judge and he is a strong advocate of youth issues and is one of two Patrons to the National Police Blue Light organisation.

Judge Becroft was invited to Murupara by Blue Light Committee member and CAYAD Coordinator, Jacob Te Kurapa, whilst attending a Blue Light Conference in Wellington in 2010.

After addressing the delegates, the Judge approached our team and he wanted to know where we were from and when we told him he asked if he could visit us. He seemed genuinely interested in our part of the country. So after that first initial engagement, we took him up on his offer and we have been planning for his arrival

I could not believe that he accepted our offer, I mean, to have a Judge of his calibre, to come and visit us all the way from Wellington, well this is a wonderful opportunity. We have been planning for this event for a year now and we honestly cannot wait to see him

Mr. Te Kurapa went on to say:

We here at Te Ika Whenua Hauora, actually have a few jobs for Judge Becroft while he is here, first, he will be opening the Murupara Youth Services Forum, a community collaborative of youth services which operate in our area. We want to know who delivers these services to and for our young people and following on from this we will produce a Youth Services Directory. Any government or non government agency delivering services in Murupara either by service delivery or by funding should consider attending this meeting. At the moment we have had attendance confirmation from 50 agencies in fact, we have heard from people representing agencies from as far as Wellington who are coming to this meeting, so the Judges visit has certainly sparked great interest

Secondly, the Judge will then address the local Youth Advisory Group, a youth group supported by Te Ika Whenua Hauora who are appointed by the local schools which have input into the Whakatane District Youth Council.

The Judge is coming prepared, he knows his audiences and will target his messages accordingly.

Following these engagements, the Judge will then have a tour of the Murupara community.


For more details please contact:

Jacob Te Kurapa

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