May 16, 2021

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Hollywood Glamour | Phoenix Renata

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Think Vintage this month. A return to classical beauty has us re visiting the old Hollywood cinema stars for inspiration and beauty ideas. The one thing that starlets like Jean Harlow, Rita Hayworth, Clara Bow and Marilyn Monroe had in common is elegance. They exhumed an elegant and chic beauty that is hard to replicate. Today, we have the advantage of high tech and advanced cosmetics at our disposal making it more achievable to follow their classy example while still keeping our looks updated and modern. This issue, we take a trip down memory lane and re visit the Vintage era.

SKIN Focus on trying to achieve a foundation and powder base that gives a flawless and smooth finish. Matte textures draw away focus from bumpy or deep pored skin. Opt for Mineral powders which are healthier for your skin by not clogging pores with unwanted chemicals, and they feel silky to wear too.

Vintage Inspiration MUST HAVE: The classic large and soft Powder Puff

BROWS Vintage inspired eyebrows cater to all tastes and brow shapes. Try Jean Harlows ultra thin and precise rounded brows or Marilyn Monroes heavily penciled and arched eyebrows. Whatever your choice, use a sharpened brow pencil to shade in your brows and remember to stand back and look at what you are doing so you can achieve a good balance.

Vintage Inspiration MUST HAVE: Symmetry with make-up is easy to achieve with a magnified mirror.

LASHES: Flash your lashes and find the right mascara for you. There are many different varieties; the most important part of mascara is the wand. It has to feel comfortable to hold and must be the right size for your eye shape and the space between your lashes and eye lid so try the mascara wand on cosmetic counters before purchasing. Cost the top and bottom of your upper lashes, doing only one side means you are not coating the full lash, therefore not achieving the best result.

Vintage Inspiration MUST HAVE: False lashes, and make sure to get a professional glue that dries clear so mistakes are hidden.

LIPS: This is the fun part of a Vintage styled makeup, luscious and beautiful glossy and full lips.

Conceal your lips before applying anything else; use a light layer of concealer. This works as a base for lipstick and provides longer wear for your lip products.

Dont be afraid of using a lip brush and lip pencils, they achieve the best result. Marilyn Monroe used 5 shades of lip pencils and lip sticks before her lips were ready for show.

Colour in your lip with a medium depth red lip pencil, then use a darker red pencil to outline your lips, this adds dimension and shading to your lips, making them appear fuller. Choose the correct shade of red for your colouring and go over the pencil with the lipstick. Blot with a tissue, then re apply the lipstick.

Vintage Inspiration MUST HAVE: Red lipsticks here is a colour guide:

OLIVE COMPLEXIONS: Orange based fire engine red.

FAIR COMPLEXIONS: Blue-based red lipstick.

DARKER COMPLEXIONS: Burgundy based deep red lipsticks.

I never forget that a womens first job is to choose the right shade of lipstick Carole Lombard

Who is Phoenix House of Makeup?

Phoenix House of Makeup is a proudly 100% Kiwi home-grown cosmetics company created with the quintessential Kiwi girl or woman in mind. Established in 2004 by Phoenix Renata, her ultimate goal is to make Phoenix House of Makeup a household name and be recognised in the same way as other established international brands. Its a sophisticated but fun make-up brand and range of make-up services that women look to for beauty and fashion advice. It caters to all women who want a simple, easy beauty routine, yet who also love to experiment a little.

Phoenix Cosmetics has two flagship boutiques in Auckland, located in fashionable Kingsland and Hurstmere Rd in Takapuna, and a growing team of talented makeup artists.

Phoenix Cosmetics products are also available in reputable beauty salons nationwide and through its online shop at The company also offers a mobile service for weddings, parties, or for busy clients.

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