May 12, 2021

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Hone Harawira’s new party embraces Facebook, Twitter

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Independent MP Hone Harawira’s new Mana party is embracing the use of social networking to keep their supporters informed and engaged. As a way to share the day with an even greater number of people around the world, Facebook and Twitter feeds will be running live from Te Mahurehure Marae in Auckland, where the launch is being held.

On Hone’s Facebook page it was announced that the launch will be internet friendly with a new website to be made live as well as a new Party Facebook page. also understands that the Party logo will be released. For those wanting to join the Twitter craze, #mana and #maori will be the tags on the day with access to a live Twitter feed on the Party’s new website.

17 thoughts on “Hone Harawira’s new party embraces Facebook, Twitter

  1. I am thankful to the Mana Party I personaly want Hone to go all the way fight for the rights of all Maori, Pakeha, and all other New Zealanders. I am talking about the families on welfare that are struggling to make ends meet you are right how can government keep pushing these issues to the side when there is a need to addresss our poverty in new zealand.I voted for you Hone, and I am doing something about it I have started a group of people who will fight for the rights of others who are dealing with Work in Income issues. I am independent free advice to all those who would like there interviews with winz above board I will demand for there entitlements and basicaly I will win.I am determined strong minded and I have a lot to offer I have been prompting those on benefits in kerikeri to talk with Hone because you are honest and trust worthy I would not say this if it was not true. We need more M.PS like you Hone I will keep you posted on my out comes. Kia Kaha…Mana Party.

  2. Charmed
    You can not mend what was never broken, with Mana Party on board 2 is better than one, the voice of our people is the voice for all who disagree with the way the governments are running our country to the ground, they do not care for all families and low income earners and the middle class will be lowered with the rest, proven in this year's (worst budget plan ever, words of the media), they do not care for our lands proven when they allowed the overseas petrolium buyers into our waters to drill looking for oil, after the fact of the oil spill!
    We wamt change and Mana Party have spoken of all the changes that will be made and its looking awesome from where I'm standing!
    If this sounds like you than 'Vote' Mana Party

    What God puts together let no man put asunder!
    The NZ anthem remember..lalalala…God of Nations at thy feet in the bond of love we meet hear our voices we intreat God Defend our freeland….and so on

    Go for it 'Mana'
    Peace out

  3. I was at the hui and what we heard were very positive for all NZ if Hone can stay focused on the needs of our whanui and Tauiwi s he said some very positve policies etc….

    I feel Mana and Maori Party should combine and stay independent of the major parties along with Greens and maybe NZ First should they get into Parliament to go for peoples needs keep all our assets create work etc with what we have and build our Nation again.

    We have many natural resouces here and if we keep them and use them we can do it.

    Big ask i know but not impossible.

  4. Cant see Mana Party going anywhere with Hone at the healm, he will turn his party constituents into hardline protestors like himself who will eventually break the law rather than pitch the law against the law. The Mana Party "smoke cessation campaign" that Hone says is good for Maori and will bring all Maori and NZers together is just another one of Hone's smoke screens. Smoking cigarretts is a civil liberty same as eating faty foods, drinking alcohol, or indulging in any activity thats not good for ones health and wellbeing.

    1. Charmed

      Heres a song I worte might want to sing it note for note 'fighting, fighting, fighting through the test, truth and right thing must surpass the rest, we are happier when we are fighting for were fighting for the right thing, so we give our best without a rest and were filled with true happiness.

      Wake up all! its begun and Mana party shall not be moved!!

      Hone Harawira and Mana is the voice for all, he is a honest man who will step out of his zone and walk the talk!
      Hone Harawira and Mana are keeping it real
      Keep moving forward!

      Keeping it real

  5. Interesting to see the deadbeats attending the 'No Mana' party meeting on the news last night, all the crap of society in one place. Losers like Bradford and that Dope Head that never won anything, just got appointed. They wonder why society (good Maori included) shuns them all as worthless losers.

    mokaubach (289 ) 7:56 am, Sun 1 May #62

    Armchair kakiwhero in their one eyed racist view and forget who,s really their enemy..the Brash bashin lot..

    For the love of money,,not MANA..Kia Kaha Nga Mana Iwi..

  6. So true Logan, instance the trde/me message board on Opinions/politics,,

    but alot there that see the sense and replies back to them..

    For instance:

    It's also fear, the terror of having an opinionated, intelligent , Maori in Parliament seems to be causing a breakdown in a number of peoples ability to cope.

    So obviously you are not speaking about Hone are you- he is a lot of things but intelligent he is not.

    anden16 (754 ) 10:34 am, Sun 1 May

  7. its great to see people like Frostyvamp and others post replies to these sites and others retgarding Hone and the new party……means they are afraid……very afraid…..

  8. Oh go juimp on brash the rash actor.leave Hone be at least he is where the people are hurting listening to their woes,, your bully lot care not about you cronies they too busy building their own empires on your backs,, buzz off

  9. @keryn – the fact that all he's doing is stealing ideas from people.
    In real life thats called plagiarism and theft.
    in school exams, its called cheating
    I don't know what it means in politics, but its underhanded and probably won't be executed properly.
    protip: get some real education
    brotip: stay off the internet until you've done the protip.

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