May 19, 2021

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Kai Time on The Road new series showcases regional delicacies

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Delicacies from around the country will be sampled as KAI TIME ON THE ROAD launches into its ninth season next month.

Director/presenter and Chef Peter Peeti is looking forward to once again taking Maori Television viewers on a tour of some of the hidden gems of kiwi kai cooking. Amongst the food festivals he attends in this season is the inaugural Kai in the Bay Maori and wild food festival in Napier, Tauranga Moana seafood festival and ethnic food stalwart, the Otara Market.

The Otara Market in particular had an interesting variety of food in the one car park to cater for the ethnically diverse area there, he says.

It was my first time at the Otara Market and it was quite an eye-opener for me, meeting people and catching up with the different cultures represented.

Mr Peeti says the nations food festivals are really starting to shape up with some really great initiatives out there. As well as festivals, the KAI TIME ON THE ROAD crew also have a sneak peak into the inside working of some of the countries mass food production factories, including a sausage roll factory and a pavlova factory.

In the first few episodes of the new season of KAI TIME ON THE ROAD viewers can look forward to a generous range of food groups including meat, seafood, bread, desserts and fish. There will also be a special on how airline meals are prepared, he says.

All new KAI TIME ON THE ROAD premieres Sunday May 8 at 7pm

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