May 12, 2021

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Maori Party loses key allies | Willie Jackson

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OPINION: The Maori Party’s support of the new Marine and Coastal Act that was passed last week will be the biggest test yet for the party.

It copped some harsh criticism for its support of the act.

Lawyer Annette Sykes accused Waiariki MP Te Ururoa Flavell of betraying his people.

That was especially significant given she was formerly one of Flavell’s strongest supporters.

Huirangi Waikerepuru, one of this country’s most renowned kaumatua and a strong supporter of Tariana Turia, said that Maori sovereignty and authority had been lost because of the new law.

And lawyer Moana Jackson, an undisputed expert on these matters and former adviser to the Maori Party, has condemned the law, saying it’s no better than Labour’s foreshore and seabed legislation and is discriminatory and racist to Maori.

Adding fuel to the fire were professors David Williams, Margaret Mutu and Jane Kelsey who have all been supporters and contemporaries of Pita Sharples but are firmly in the Moana Jackson camp.

Despite the criticism the Maori Party has convinced itself it is on the right track.

And while it is right to point out that issues like jobs, housing and health are far more important for Maori today, it would be silly to underestimate the anger and disappointment that its support for the new act has caused.

The act is being paraded as a Maori Party triumph but it’s nothing more than a Clayton’s act because it reinforces the injustices of the previous legislation.

The new act allows Maori to contest their rights in court but once there the door is firmly shut if they are unable to prove undisturbed use and occupation of their foreshore since 1840.

It’s an impossible condition for 98 percent of tribes whose foreshore and lands were taken by the Crown.

It’s hard to fathom why Turia and Sharples supported this act. Their relationship with National would not have collapsed if they had simply followed Moana Jackson’s recommendation which was to repeal the previous legislation then put a moratorium on things for two years.

Whereas few would have questioned their commitment and courage in fighting for Maori interests in the past, they now have lost support and raised serious questions over their judgment.

It remains to be seen whether the party will be punished at the ballot box. But it now faces its biggest test in its short life. The test will be whether it is able to not only survive but thrive without the support of some of the key academics, kaumatua and supporters who helped build the party. It’s a test I’ll be closely watching.

– Manukau Courier

12 thoughts on “Maori Party loses key allies | Willie Jackson

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  2. Hell would have to freeze over before I'd ever vote for an arrogant upstart like Hone
    but the new foreshore bill is a kick in the face
    in order to survive and win back the loyalty of the people the Maori Party need to get rid of Tariana and Peter and find fresh new leadership
    How about it Willie? If you were leader of the Maori Party I reckon youd make priminister one day. You are so popular now! Please dont join Harawiras party it would break my heart!!

    1. At least Hone is the only MP supporting our Iwi against Govt sell offs, wheres the other lot?

      However i agree Willie would be good against Pita and Shane with his Uncle Maona Jackson plus ..
      I hope to be at the hui on the 30th this month..

      Kia ora.

  3. a document that has done little except allow some to jump on a gravy train and leave the rest to fend for themselves it seems.

    Being tangata whenua means more than money for paper, that's really what this is all about.

    1. Depends who ihas the mana and kaha to ignore Money and stand on our Consituted Tinorangatira o nga Tanga Whenua o Aotearoa..
      If A tuturu Tangata can ignore the cash and stand up for equal rights that this Govt has forgotten to honour,, then yes i agree..''

      At least i see Hone has stuck with his Kaupapa against the SB/FS that Maori Party gave into National… which i and alot who marched to Parliament in the 2004 Hikoi see as a let down..

      the Govt has swapped Oil/ for Money over our Kai Moana which would be destroyed if they let the Oil digger's go ahead upsetting the Maternity home of the sea Species whom is just by the Oil rigs they plan to explore…( heard a Pakeha expert reveal it on watea ) we and alot of offshore buyers rely on for our food recouses as well as the Iwi who depend on as their Kai in their rohe..

      My obsevence of Hone stands as a Rangatira who is not easily swayed by CASH..

      Kia Ora..

  4. Te na Koutou, it saddens me when i listened to Parliament today and looked at all our Maori Politicians sitting under one roof, yet divided by the Parties they serve and no real unity to represent, our Iwi becuse they are under the majority of their Party and leadership..with the exception of the Four Maori Party members who takes the crumbs National gives them for their votes on these rip off make up laws to take more from us all…

    It will take a Miracle from our Creator to bring this Kawana to its knees for,, nga mahi kino kia tatau katoa ia Aotearoa..

    I pray Hone will be that Miracle and move the Mountaun of oppression off…
    …. "OUR IWI NUI TONU" as he gather,s the chosen for the New Party..



  5. LET me remind and encourage our people , that , in all simplicity , of what is reality, the 2nd paragraph of "The declaration of Independence"ALL SOVERIEGN POWER AND AUTHORITY within the territoies OF THE UNITED TRIBES OF NEW ZEALAND is hereby declared to reside entirely and exclusively in the hereditary chiefs and HEADS OF TRIBES in thier collective capacity, who also declare that they WILL NOT PERMIT ANY LEGISLATIVE.AUTHORITY..seperate from themselves IN THIER COLLECTIVE CAPACITY, NOR ANY FUNCTION OF GOVERNMENT.. to be exercised within the said territories, unless by persons appointed by them and acting under the authority of Lores regularly enacted by them in congress assembled….
    OWN THIS !!!! its ours ….LOOK IT UP……read the maori version too…study it…..Maori, have no business acting under or in a foriegn government. What makes you think this foreign government is going to honour anything ,Maori ? NO..WAKE UP …WAKE UP…..
    Our Governance stands …and our rights to institute our lores..KIA KAHA

  6. In my opinion, i think the New Party Hone is about to llaunch.would be better served to tangatawhenua of Aotearoa if they stood on Treaty Grounds and form the Party under the Tiriti Maori version of having our Kawana,, aligned with the UN Declaration of Indegenous Peoples of NZ.

    Pita has lost the mana of signing of the Declaration when he was at the UN and National or any Party who disregards the UN us all our Tangatawheua tikanga here in Aotearoa as just a pice of paper is arrogant and ignorant..

    As one Kaumatau said , the Maori Party has signed away our Sov Rights to National..

    Well i say we should be like them, and ignore their so called new law and start our own, we have the UN DOI, the 1835 DOI Constitution and Declared, and all the 1852 Aboriginal titles which are still held @ Parliament..How do i know? Tribal and Personal Pardons Ive read the Govt has documented stating those very Laws which cannot be made null and void.. ..Kia Kaha Hone,, form your new Party..

    Pai Maarire kia koe me o hoa nui tonu..Ake Ake ano.

  7. Actually the sooner Maori wake up and dump the Maori party the better for all their people. No one ever achieved by using a crutch. Maori are extremly intelligent and DONT need a specific party to keep then afloat. Maori will be better served being like everyone else in NZ and standing on their own two feet.

  8. Pita is TOAST. When he finally Wakes to that reality, The MAORI world will have moved into third gear. Doing deals with Sonny Tau. Ha. Get real. We will CRUSH the MAORI PARTY.

    Just Bring It


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