May 12, 2021

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2 thoughts on “Protest against attacks on beneficiaries to be held in Rotorua

  1. Im not shocked at this against Benficiaries, after all Maori are always targeted yet we are 15% and most are in jail while others are at home with no mahi so now the power,s that be have run out of borrowing to feed the jobless after all the curruption of our whenua and assets were taken over by them. to bargain with the Giant Power,s offshore they dealt with ignoring us and still do/ selling us out?
    now we get the lets gather and have a hui!!!
    What are we supposed to fight back with?

    Where are our Tribal Leader,s? our Maori Politicians?we have no mouthpiece to help us let alone change things…Maybe Hone and his new Party can create a Miracle..hope so..

    Kia Ora..

    Will they stop and listen? I doubt it,.. we are too soft past and present while they push us further onto the pohara heap

  2. If they want to be taken seriously why not a poster with mum n the kids. a wasted opportunity for serious debate and consequences. why is everything a bloody joke.

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