May 7, 2021

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Rotorua locals encouraged to greet Rugby World Cup visitors with kia ora

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With Rugby World Cup 2011 [RWC2011] only 150 days away Rotorua District Council (RDC) is encouraging locals to adopt kia ora as the official greeting to welcome visitors to the city.

RDC Rugby World Cup 2011 coordinator Renee Nathan says the council is stepping up its Kia Ora The Worlds Warmest Welcome campaign to ensure local people start using New Zealand’s unique greeting and are comfortable to do so by the time international rugby fans arrive.

Theres only 150 days to go before the Rugby World Cup and we want to ensure that our celebrations leave our guests with a positive and lasting impression of Rotorua, and memories of friendly and welcoming people.

It would be fantastic to see Kia Ora messages on the reception desk, on emails or newsletters, hearing people say kia ora when they answer the phone, on voice mail messages or when walking down the street the opportunities to promote Kia Ora are endless. We know that some of our businesses have already adopted Kia Ora but we would like everyone to come on board.

Promotions in the city will also include Kia Ora flags and temporary signs around the CBD.

Mayor Kevin Winters says with Rotorua hosting five international teams, numerous overseas media, and an influx of visitors before, during and after RWC2011, the city has a wonderful opportunity to promote the destination to the world.

I know visitors will be bowled over by our citys famous spirit of manaakitanga. Being excellent hosts to important guests is something weve done well in this part of the country for over 150 years.

Rotorua is hosting RWC2011 teams from Namibia, Samoa, Ireland, Fiji and Russia for matches at Rotorua International Stadium.

Lets go Rotorua – kia ora!

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