May 8, 2021

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Tautoko needed for the Operation 8 accused

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The newly launched film Operation 8: Deep in the Forest may anger you.

It is the documentary movie of the infamous Tuhoe raids of 2007. Ruatoki whanau and the other activists accused of terrorism, are given an opportunity to tell their stories. Their dignified recollections alone will infuriate any social justice ngakau. If you heart is that way inclined then, prepare for it to be stung.

To further enlighten you, the movie features an impressive list of specialist commentators including none other than hardman ex-cop Ross Meurant. Meurant outlines the paranoia which lends itself to the blatant bias underlying undercover police operations. He connects how fundamental this is to what happened to Tuhoe. Go Ross!

The commentary of the other specialists including leading lawyers, academics, journalists and activists builds a picture of a messy police case from the get go. There were many gasps of horror and outrage at the Auckland premiere showing last night. Not to mention whips of laughter outbreak at how ridiculous the case is you have to be there for that.

The film intelligently places the raids in the context of global social and political power. Throughout history there have always been attempts by authorities and those in power to frame and tame political dissent as something far more sinister. The Tuhoe people and associated activists have been exploited to allow the law to flex its muscley arm. Go see the muscle-bound pose for yourself and get the word out about this movie as it needs and deserves our collective support.

From here though, we must continue the solidarity for the accused. They face a Judge only trial, a further injustice in this whole saga, in Auckland starting end May 2011. They will need things like accommodation, food, childcare and cash as they and their whanau face weeks and weeks of court hearings away from their homes.

Please see the October 15 Solidarity website where these is a list of suggestions for how to give your tautoko. If you can offer any assistance you can also email them directly on [email protected]

And aside from that, Mana Motuhake must not let such muscle flexing intimidation interrupt its path. Make sure your sovereign call rises above the sort of terror that holds children at gunpoint.

Nga mihi aroha ki a koutou nga whanau o Ngai Tuhoe. We stand with you.

Te Wharepora Hou
Contact: Marama Davidson

6 thoughts on “Tautoko needed for the Operation 8 accused

  1. My response re the review of the movie to

    I have watched this story with interest as it unfolded since the raids in 2007 and it has left me feeling disgusted particularly by the conduct of Police and those responsible within Govt and the various informants who obviously lied in an attempt to undermine and denigrate the Tuhoe Nation and what I see as an attempt at destroying the ‘mana’ of the people.

    The legal wrangling and tactical manoeuvring has already prejudiced a just and fair outcome already. The denial of a jury is not only insane but deeply concerning and it speaks volumes regarding the civil liberties and definitely civil rights of the people. I for one believe Tuhoe are indeed the victims of a case riddled with lies, innuendo and gross incompetence.

    The Tuhoe Nation have been stigmatised with the unfair and unjust pain, suffering and not to mention the vast legal costs that have been incurred and imposed on them. My heart is with the people of Tuhoe as is my deepest aroha and respect in support of their hikoi. I also hope we will be able to see this documentary here in Sydney and for that matter worldwide.

    To the New Zealand Govt, Police and the perpetrators of this disgusting and shameless episode – I send this message in the words my father the late Whainoa Simpson spoke at the Waitangi Tribunal: Ngati Awa Raupatu Trials at Wairaka Marae.

    ‘Whakatika hia nga he!!!’ Right the Wrongs!!!

  2. It is these actions against our peeps that continues to turn us away from a society that is so false and disrespectful to indigenous cultures not just here but worldwide im not surprised of the mis treatment of our peeps we are fighters thats how we survived we will continue to survive we did not bring terrorism to our country , that came with or followed our white counterparts as they traveeled here they made and broughtr there enemies and now we have to protect them against there own bad karma as well as protect ourselves, they r the terrorists yet we live side by side them they r not far just tred careful and educate our children so they can be prepared the future is blique if we arent prepared, kia kaha whanau, kia kaha.

  3. The under current of the western world secret government greed and paranoia against all indigenous cultures – bar one has reached the shores of this land.

    Like a virus it as spread into all corners of the earth infecting the minds of all who think they have control of peoples and the planet.

    The law of different lands – Is now the law of the pawn brokers, like a Babylonia pimp it gathers up the indigenousness wealth and sells to the highest bidders.

    Protect your mind least you become infected -become a shield for your children and
    grandchildren's minds .

    For they are easily infected and their futures can be brought and sold for the devils 30 pieces silver .

    If you can not make a stand psychically ,Make one in your mind,make one in your soul, make one with the creator –

    this is where the pawn brokers thoughts will meet their Armageddon and be cast into the abyss forever.

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