May 10, 2021

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Tiki blames name mix-up for arrest (Sunday News)

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CHART-topping dub star Tiki Taane thinks a mix-up over his real name could have been behind his arrest last weekend.

Taane was arrested at a Tauranga nightclub after singing the song F**k the Police [by American hip hop legends NWA] after officers turned up to check the place.

Taane’s lawyer, Bill Nabney, pleaded not guilty on his behalf on Friday in Tauranga District Court on a charge of disorderly behaviour.

The case was remanded and Nabney will meet police to see if the matter can be resolved outside of court.

Taane was at Illuminati nightclub in Tauranga when police turned up.

“About 2:15am, I could see them doing their walk through the crowd. I welcomed them in and said “Yo, yo the boys in blue are here, everyone, heads up … I sang out, `If you know this lyric help me out’, and I sang the first two lines of F**k the Police by NWA,” Taane told Sunday News from his house in Helensville, north of Auckland.

The officer returned after the gig to talk to Taane and asked for his name.

“I gave him my birthname which is on my birth certificate, my passport and my driver’s licence Nathan Glen Taane Tinorau and he got upset because he thought I was taking the p*ss and he said, `Come on Tiki, what’s your name?’ I said, `My name’s Nathan Glen Taane Tinorau’, and he really got worked up about it and this is where things went weird.

“He said, `Where do you live?’ I said, `At the moment I live in Papamoa and I live in Woodhill and I’m staying at a hotel’, so he thought I was being a smart ass and in fact I was being co-operative.

“I was giggling and this probably rarked him up as well. I was giggling because it was just ridiculous that this police officer was getting upset with me because I was telling him the truth.”

NZ Police Association president Greg O’Connor agrees the lyrics were not the main reason for the arrest.

He said Taane’s arrest was the result of “an episode of events”.

“Any attempt to isolate the words and chants as the problem would be to minimise the event considerably. O’Connor says people in a position of power need to be responsible.

“We had another police officer seriously assaulted last week,” he said.

“People like Tiki Taane need to be aware they are role models to certain sectors of society. They need to be aware of the impact they have on people.”

Taane said he chose the song in jest and he respects the police.

“The [police] are awesome, they have been to so many of my gigs and if they weren’t there I would be worried.

“I have faith that the audience has enough intelligence to understand that it is just a lyric and they are not going to take it on board and literally beat up the police.”

Taane says he will sing the lyrics again.

“I’ve done nothing wrong, I’ve sung a lyric, from one of the most controversial hip hop songs of all time. It’s been sung a million times before me and it’s going to be sung a million times after me.”

Thanks to Nicola Russell, the Sunday News, the NZ Police and KIA KAHA TIKI TAANE!!

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