May 16, 2021

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Waka to help introduce visitors to Maori culture during Rugby World Cup

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(Waatea News) The designer of the $900,000 Waka Maori waterfront pavilion for the Rugby World Cup says it will be a great place to introduce foreign visitors to Maori culture.

Renata Blair from Ngati Whatua o Orakei says the 70 metre long structure on Auckland’s Viaduct Basin will be made from the same high tech fabric as the Queens Wharf party central Cloud.

Over the 17-day carnival it will showcase Maori business and culture.

He says the inspiration was the idea of Auckland as Tamaki Herenga Waka, the place where canoes are moored.

Everybody’s going to explore their way around the world down to Aotearoa and so part of that exploration, people will be tied into something like a waka and travel so this is Maoris way of showing to the world that we are the greatest explorers in the world and also we are some of the greatest rugby players in the word so lets combine the two at the World Cup, Mr Blair says.

Ngati Whatua is putting up $100,000 of the $2 million cost of the overall project, with the rest coming from various government departments.

2 thoughts on “Waka to help introduce visitors to Maori culture during Rugby World Cup

  1. congrats NgatiWhatua;
    Ignore them knockers and stand tall ,chin up ,showcase
    this waka and look forward still.

  2. I think its a great idea, that obviously has merits otherwise it wouldnt have been given the green light. I just hated the way that the NEW WINSTON who gladly trample on top of Maori in order to get 5 seconds in the limelight with his corny punchlines, is kind of pathetic.
    He should have seen it for what it is – a totally portable facility that will showcase Maori art in the shape of a waka, but no drumming up more anti-Maori feeling and misconception is the best he can do. Appropriate teaming with Rodney to take the pot shots at a Maori initiative at a time when Maori have sweet F-all opportunities to show who we are. No Maori rugby ambassors, no voice, no showcasing…. and now this small opportunity. And what does " I have no free hand to take your call" have to say? Tupperwaka….. now thats insulting.

    Big ups to Ngati Whatua, great opportunity – would be good to see it on the foreshore in Wellington sometime, perhaps showing off some of the Maori artist and musos from Whanganui A Tara


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