May 10, 2021

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Whanau Maori leaving Christchurch in droves

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(Waatea News) Christchurch Maori academic Rawiri Taonui says many Maori are abandoning the city because they don’t have an ownership stake in rebuilding it.

While there is no official count, Mr Taonui says number of children attending some kura kaupapa Maori has halved since the February quake.

He says many came from families renting state houses in the eastern suburbs.

A lot of them have left the city because its not the same as owning a private house. Theres not the same sense you have to stay there and defend it and patch it up to the last so to speak and I think thats one reason why they’ve left, Mr Taonui says.

Maori who own their homes are also weighing up whether to leave, because it could be hard to reinsure houses in the eastern suburbs.

1 thought on “Whanau Maori leaving Christchurch in droves

  1. This is crazy! Plenty of tangata whenua around to help with the rebuild, depends on who is and who is not, and you may find much isn't written down due to abuse of that very thing, the paperwork and feeling like there is nothing to stay for.
    And it depends on what you may consider tangata whenua and the concept of the very word, people of the land, and that isn't just maori either.

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