May 7, 2021

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Will we see a new movement? | Morgan Godfery | Maui Street Blog

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Hone Harawira is set to announce sometime this Sunday whether he will form a new party. The final decision rests with his Tai Tokerau electorate committee. From the NZ Herald:

“I sincerely hope that the Tai Tokerau, on Sunday, says ‘go ahead, let’s have the new party’, because if Tai Tokerau says ‘no, you’re just going to be the MP for Tai Tokerau’, then that’s that (for forming a party),” Mr Harawira told Radio New Zealand.

I cannot profess any inside knowledge or special understanding in this case. I honestly do not know what way the committee is leaning. I would infer, from Hones rhetoric and the rhetoric of those close to him, that the go ahead will be granted. I imagine the committee will take into account the strong desire among Maori for a new movement. That desire is most intense in the north I should add. Hones aims must also be taken into account.

The committee must ask this. If Hone forms a new party will he be a less effective electorate MP. Will leading a party diminish his ability to serve his constituents. This consideration must be weighed against Hones own desires and the desires of his constituents. At this point, the desire seems to be to form a new movement.
I await the announcement and Ill will blog, at some point, on the result and the implications.

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