May 7, 2021

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American Indian Child Welfare Advisory Committee

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Welcome to LICWAC!  We learn together!
Keys to our successes are found together!

We hope you find our new website about the
LICWAC worthwhile!

We must all take pride in our overall successes each day!

LICWAC team members are always focused on providing well balanced service and support to all American Indian (Native) children who are involved with foster care, relative care, group care, private agencies or any institutional care.

*Our American Indian and/or Native children can live with pride while in State foster or relative care when they learn more about their native tribal ancestry and heritage. With LICWAC’s guidance and empathetic   family based advise those Native children learn to grow up happy with the new knowledge of their respective cultural and/or tribal identity.

will do everything possible to meet or exceed the expectations of all people involved in the lives of our American Indian and/or Native  children, and their families. We will strive to provide ongoing guidance to those Native families in need of help at a time of crisis and need for family. We are especially happy to help with a group of people involved and caring to volunteer time with our LICWAC Team.

The efforts of the
LICWAC TEAM members are always dedicated to improved relations with all social service programs both tribal and non-tribal, State Courts, and All Tribal Courts who are acknowledged by the Federal and State Courts. We have an obligation to help our tribal and/or Native Children to be placed into a permanent home.

Mission Statement of LICWAC

has members with the vision and cultural expertise to help American Indian and/or other Native children in foster care, group care, relative care placement and/or institutional care. Our main goal is provide those children a new beginning with their growth by learning about and retaining their cultural identity.

*The children will be empowered to share their new found cultural and tribal identities with their new or natural families about their own cultural understandings and desire to continue their cultural ways.

*We at LICWAC believe that the Native children we help are always wanting and willing to learn about their tribal and/or cultural ways to enhance their lives and enrich the families that they are placed with permanently.

Goals for LICWAC
: The primary goals of the LICWAC Team is to help American Indian, Hawaiian Native children, Canadian First Nations and Alaskan Native children to be able to learn about their places in
the world with the good news of where they come from and where their going with their cultural (Native) identities intact.

*As always with the good case planning, they’ll be reunited with their parents, with direct relatives or another culturally relevant permanent placement. The guidance by LICWAC will always involve State Social Service agencies and/or private agencies. All of the Native American children’s cases are always in the process of being given full case staffings with LICWAC volunteers each month of the year.

Another goal
is to help facilitate cultural teachings to the Native foster children about their tribal ancestry and how it fits into being any American Indian, Canadian First Nations, Hawaiian Native or Alaskan Native child in todays world.

*LICWAC has a good knowledge base to help our Native children to begin new lives that can spring board them into a job, and a career while contributiing to our American society and their Tribe’s cultural and economic future’s strengths.

‘Bridging Cultures by Caring’
, can be one of the most rewarding human activities that can be accomplished. All of our LICWAC members very proud citizens for helping our American Indians, Hawaiian Natives, Canadian First Nations or Alaskan Natives children whom are temporarily away from their tribal or native cultural families.

*The LICWAC meetings help create more awareness of the American Indian childrens, Canadian First Nations, Native Hawaiian or Alaskan Native children’s constant Plight in foster care with little hope.

We should never forget any of our children in foster care or any other institution whom have the right and deserve a better life.

All of our Native children in temporary foster care want to learn about their cultural and/or tribal heritage

LICWAC Activities;

*Providing basic honest and respectful cultural assessments of American Indian and/or other Native children’s personal tribal backgrounds, tribal ancestry trees of personal family lineages that are designed to facilitate the children’s increased knowledge of their American Indian Identities.

*Providing the people in charge of American Indian and/or Native children’s lives, the proper cultural tools and advise for better and improved understanding of the many tribes or native experiences, while  they learn to provide culturally sensative positive case guidance in case plans for establishing a long term or a permanent Native American homes and/or other non-native approved homes for permanency.

*Recruiting American Indian and/or Native people over the age of 18 for membership to the LICWAC Team, whom can display unique ideas and culturally competent assessments designed to help American Indian and other Native children to become strong citizens of their respective tribes, clans and/or nations and to contribute to our society as a whole.
Their good happy future in Life, Is one of Our Greatest Challenges.

*Assisting American Indian and/or other Native children to connect with their tribal programs, tribal health and education programs, cultural restoration efforts,language immersion programs, tribal revitalization efforts, and Native spiritual guidance are designed to enrich the lives of our many American Indian and/or other Native children within the 50 States and U.S. Territories.

*Meetings or what’s known as
Case Staffings take place on a
regular basis monthly, taking place on every third thursday to allow the culturally competent assessments and recommendations to the social workers to give them case guidance with the general knowledge and cultural expertise of each LICWAC Team members.

*We will maintain a
positive approach to the role of providing our advise for those people in charge of the lives of our American Indian and/or other Native childrens while they remain in the State care and/or private agencies or other State operated institutions.

*Being a ‘Strong Cultural Advocate’ for those disadvantaged American Indian, Canadian First Nations and/or Alaskan Native children in State care, group care or other institutions gives those American Indian or Native children the feeling that someone cares for them at all times

*Being a positive partner with all tribal and/or Native jurisdictions, tribal courts, tribal social service programs, tribal law enforcement agencies whom help with the processes of being a strong legal and social advocate for those American Indian or Native children. We’ll be sure to help (All State Social Workers) and/or improve case plans designed by child placing agencies to develope their service plans for permanency by reuniting those Native children with their native culturally relevant biological family, other relatives and any other tribal people. The plans will always include placement with non-natives as a last option

*Providing American Indian and/or other Native children in foster care, group care or other State institutions the knowledge on equal access to their tribal heritage and actually helping them to learn important life altering lessons about their own family roles in those respectives tribes, clans and/or nations and our society in general.

*With a variety of offerings to choose from, we’re sure you’ll be happy working with us on this new webpage we’ve designed to help people make the useful tool  ‘Bridge Cultures by Caring’.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.

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