May 12, 2021

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Budget 2011: Initial Thoughts (Roia Maori)

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I am currently down in Taranaki with limited internet connectivity so I will save a detailed analysis of the Budget for early next week. My initial thoughts are that it is a mixed budget but ultimately New Zealand today is almost exactly the same as it was yesterday which is an unusual experience following Budget Day.

How does it impact Maori?
– Increased spending on Maori education, health, and Whanau Ora. The Maori Party should be commended for being able to extract gains, however small, from a budget that was designed to reduce Government Expenditure.
– Increased legal aid funding. Good news for all of us working in the Waitangi Tribunal field.
– And the partial sell-down of several State Owned Assets will also be good news to iwi looking for a safe, reliable, New Zealand investment and it is a policy that will provide a much needed boost to the anemic NZ Stock Exchange.

After 170 years it still surprises me that Maori continue to look to the Government for the majority of our required support. We have the capability and the experience to look after our own people and greater focus on the actions of our iwi leadership is required in the respect. In the post-settlement era, there is room for iwi to provide greater financial, cultural and spiritual support to its members. At the Government level, Maori are just one of many competing groups of people who require support. We become truely independent when we no longer need the Government to provide for us.

Perhaps there is a case to be made for those iwi with the financial means to provide iwi benefit payments to those Maori families in need. Lets not wait around for the Government to do something.

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