May 15, 2021

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Child Protection Training Programme adds new dates

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NEW DATE!! South Auckland – 18-22 July

Central Auckland 25-27 July

North Shore 7-11 November

It is a fact that…

New Zealand is one of the only OECD countries that does not have mandatory child protection training for people working with children. Many of the key people in NZ working with children have not had sufficient training in knowing how to identify suspected child abuse and act confidently. Professional training in child protection WILL make you more effective in keeping children safe

Child Matters’ is New Zealand’s only specialist provider of child protection related training and education. We are a national trust with more than 16 years experience. Child Matters speaks out for children by;

* Educating to prevent child abuse

* Raising understanding and awareness of the issue

* Increasing the skills of those working with children

* Influencing and changing society’s attitudes so that it will not overlook, ignore or condone violence.

Child Protection Studies Programme

The Child Protection Studies programme is a nationally recognised, NZQA accredited specialised training, and provides individuals and communities with the skills, confidence, advice and support to to act effectively when children have been abused and to intervene early when a child is at risk.

It is an excellent opportunity for networking and collaboration with others who work with children in your community.

Topics covered include

* Knowing the part you play and your responsibilities in keeping children safe

* Understanding the nature and causes of child abuse

* Understanding and recognising the effects and symptoms of child abuse

* Knowing what to do and how to report when child abuse is suspected

* Meeting and learning from a range of experts and key network contacts in your area

* Supervision and care of self

Child Protection training is relevant and important for anyone who works with, is exposed to, or cares about children, including;

* Those who are new to the field and want to establish a sound, basic understanding of Child Protection.

* Those who have a responsibility or role in the safety of children.

* Managers and leaders responsible for policy development and the safety and wellbeing of their workers.

Child Matters supports everyone who has a part to play in keeping children safe. This includes parents, grandparents, family, community and social workers, sports and cultural clubs, NGOs and government departments – in fact all who have contact with children and their families. Those in health and education roles are especially significant. They are in key positions to detect and respond to children in danger, and Child Matters strongly encourages greater up-skilling by these sectors.

To enrol or for more information on these training options:

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