May 7, 2021

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Ngapuhi, Te Rarawa, MAAIA Creations Jewellery

I come from proud Scottish and Irish stock on my Mothers side. On my fathers side I come from the sparkling waters of the Hokianga where a nations History began; from the whispering mountains of Panguru ki Papata and Te Ramaroa, from the tribes of Ngapuhi and Ta Rarawa and sub tribes of Te Hikutu and Ngati Manawa, from my tupuna who paddled across from Hawaiki onboard the waka of Ngatokimatawhaorua.

Stacey Noel was born and bred in the deep south of Auckland, New Zealand, where the mingling of many cultures constantly provided her with a rich feast of dance, music and arts.

With Staceys mixed heritage of both Maori and Pakeha, she has fostered an appreciation and acceptance of the differences amongst cultures. Her desire is to travel the world and experience these differences.

Stacey has been making jewellery for two years after completing an 8-week course at Workshop 6 in Kingsland, Auckland, New Zealand. Her jewellery range MAAIA is in memory of her mother Dale Harris, an amazing quilt maker amongst other things.

I am inspired both by the beauty and the tragedy of this world. My creations have surfaced after the joys of becoming a mother and the tragedy of losing a mother. From the beginning I wanted to include Maori words in my creations. I choose words to inspire and remind people of the beauty of life. Negative media and talk of tough times constantly bog us down. I believe quality of life is a lot about your reaction to the things that happen, and to CREATE, whatever that may be for each individual, is to be close to spirit Wairua.

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  1. awesome work stace being a mother and starting something like this from scratch and having faith in yourself to go for it and only really a short time in this medium its a wicked achevment keep pushing

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