May 12, 2021

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Kia ora Potaua,

It’s high time I made an introduction! I’m the publicist for NZ On Screen, the free, online treasure trove of NZ film & television history (plus music videos for good measure).

We have a huge amount of incredible clips on our site that span the years, including a lot of Maori titles. No doubt you’ve already come across us, and may already be on our weekly newsletter, but I wanted to just touch base and let you know how can make use of our titles. On Facebook we notice a really high level of engagement from tangata whenua – people haring clips, talking about them, pointing out people they know in them (especially wonderful when those people have passed on).

As I said, our content, with the exception of only one or two titles, is free for viewing worldwide (handy for homesick Kiwis). Many of our titles are also able to be embedded on other sites, including yours. For those that aren’t, you can click the ‘badge’ button to the right of the video to get a handy picture-with-link.

This month, for example, with the 25th anniversary of the Bastion Point occupation approaching, you might be interested in ‘Bastion Point – The Untold Story’:—the-untold-story-1999. That documentary is embeddable, and we have other Bastion Point related titles on the site.

At the lighter end, we’ve just added Rasta Rangi, the Simmonds brothers’ cool animation collaboration with Paora Trim:

We also have whole collections based around Sir Howard (, Aotearoa Hip Hop ( and more to come.

There’s so much more in between. Let me know if you’d like me to drop you a line from time to time when we have new adds of relevance.

Feel free to ask any questions as well,

Gemma Gracewood
Online Publicist
NZ On Screen

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