May 16, 2021

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Kapa haka group plans dance party (Daily Post)

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A drug-free and alcohol-free dance party is planned for Rotorua teens in a bid to raise money for a Te Arawa kapa haka group.

Anita Moran – Rotorua Daily Post:

Te Kapa o Ngati Tarawhai is trying to fundraise so they can represent New Zealand at the National Flame Tree Festival in Saipan in the Northern Mariana Islands.

The group needs to raise $10,000 to help them get to the festival.

Te Kapa o Ngati Tarawhai member Mattie McDonald said the group was offered the chance to perform at the festival and when brainstorming ideas on how to raise money the idea for a dance party came up.

“We were thinking about raffles and sausage sizzles but that wouldn’t help us raise the money we needed,” he said. “So we came up with the idea to throw a dance party.”

Mattie said he went to the Sensation White Dance Party which was held in Rotorua recently and said he thought a similar event would be great for both the city’s teens and the kapa haka group.

The Sensation White Dance Party was a drug-free and alcohol-free event which was organised for the city’s teens last month.

The organisers said they wanted to create a safe environment for Rotorua youth to have fun. The event received praise from police for being well-organised and under control.

The theme for the fundraiser party, which is being held at the Ngongotaha Community hall, is All Of The Lights and is for youth aged 16 and over.

“It is going to be an awesome night where people can go and have a great time in a safe environment,” Mattie said. “It also will help us raise the money we need to represent Aotearoa overseas.”

Mattie said he was aware of issues surrounding teen parties in Rotorua which often got out of control but said there had been a lot of help and support in organising this event.

“The STDJs, who organised the White Party, have helped us out,” he said.

“We will also have a heavy security presence and police will be keeping an eye on the event.”

A Facebook page with details of the event has attracted more than 700 people saying they want to go and people have posted numerous comments. Mattie said he was surprised at the attention the event had received.

“We also noticed that we were getting a lot of comments from people who are under 16, so we have also organised an afternoon performance which will be door sales only.”

The dance party is being held on May 21. Tickets for the event went on sale yesterday and are $20 each. Ticket sales are limited to 500. Details on ticket sales can be found on the event’s Facebook page.

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